Percept Picture Company launches PPC Cause Cinema

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Last updated : May 11, 2007
Percept Picture Company has launched a division under PPC to create and market cinema with specific social intent and messages

Percept Picture

Company is in a mood to talk meaningful cinema. It recognises and believes that cinema has the power of bringing about social change. As a result, it has launched PPC Cause Cinema in partnership with wellness guide Sunita Menon.

PPC Cause Cinema will operate as a division under PPC and seek to create and market cinema with specific social intent and messages. For instance, Percept Picture Company has in the past created 'Phir Milenge' (2004), which supported AIDS as a cause.

PPC claims that this is the first time any film company in the country has gone beyond the profit motive. The idea here is to use the persuasive powers of Bollywood and address real social issues that touch the lives of millions in India.

Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh, joint managing director, Percept Holdings, says: "Our intent is to provide entertainment woven with a strong social message. If at the end of an enjoyable two hour experience, a film can leave behind a strong social message, that's magic.

Sunita Menon is an equal partner in the initiative and has joined the division as director. With her understanding of the problems and a passion to do things that can help us and our social environment, she can make a significant contribution."

Besides its own projects, PPC Cause Cinema will provide a platform to bring together Bollywood's film making talent on the one hand and the Indian corporate world on the other. This will enable corporations to fulfil their aspirations of helping bring about social change.

Says Sunita Menon, "PPC approached us with this idea of cause cinema and it interested me immensely. There is a gap in the Bollywood offering today, and our endeavour will be to fill this void by providing thought provoking cause cinema for the audiences."

Subjects that will be highlighted may include AIDS, poverty, illiteracy, women's empowerment, rape, children's issues, sex education, drugs, prostitution, crime, juvenile delinquency and smoking.

PPC has a strong line up of talented directors for the cause films division. The first film with a backdrop of AIDS as a cause will be directed by Saket Chaudhary, followed by a film with Nagesh Kukunoor, who has also directed the award winning film 'Iqbal', which is a good example of cause cinema.

A percentage of the profits generated from these films will be contributed towards pre-identified social causes.

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First Published : May 11, 2007
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