Dentsu launches full-fledged media operations in India

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Dentsu has launched Dentsu Media, which will further have two entities - Media Palette and Media Cubic - under it, to cater to the two entities, Dentsu Marcom and Dentsu Communications, respectively

Dentsu has

launched its global media operations in India, called Dentsu Media. The media agency will further have two distinct entities under it, Media Palette and Media Cubic. While Media Palette will cater to the clients of Dentsu Marcom, Media Cubic will be in charge of Dentsu Communications' clientele. These two sub-entities are in fact a rebranding of the media offerings of Dentsu Marcom and Dentsu Communications, respectively.

As reported earlier by agencyfaqs!, Media Palette was launched in India a brief while ago, but it is only now that Media Cubic has been launched - a move that makes Dentsu Media a complete media offering for Dentsu's clients.

Dentsu Media will control groupwide media buying as well as act as custodian for Dentsu's proprietary media tools and databases such as Valcon, ContactPoint Management, D-VAST, VextMiner and others, in India. These are aimed at significantly enhancing media value creation for clients of the three Dentsu agencies in India: Dentsu Communications, Dentsu Marcom and Dentsu Creative Impact.

Sharat Jain
Dentsu Media will be headed by Sharat Jain as CEO, based in Delhi. Sanjoy Chakrabarty will be its COO, based in Mumbai. Takashi Koyanagi, on secondment from the Dentsu headquarters in Tokyo, will be the executive vice-president. He will spearhead the new initiatives in the interactive and digital space, based on his experience in Japan in these areas.

"Dentsu has been around in India for three years now," says Jain. "In the full service agency format itself, we were operating on a Rs 400 crore buying base in media. Having a formalised media brand gives us a level playing field against media independents and paves the way for an aggressive media business even outside the confines of the Dentsu agencies."

Dentsu Media will also be on the lookout for non-Dentsu clients, and the two entities - Media Palette and Media Cubic - will take part in pitches independently.

Several global tools will be rolled out in India under Dentsu Media, including ContactPoint Management. The idea is to ensure indulgence in areas beyond media buying and planning, including interactive media, mobile marketing, content creation and sports marketing.

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