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Last updated : May 22, 2007
Zapak Mail is spreading its presence everywhere, from YouTube to washrooms in malls across the country, trying to build a 'connect'

After proving, through

its television commercials, that e-mailing is not a service restricted to geniuses, Zapak is now spreading the message across other platforms. Zapak Mail has come up with virals, road shows and some ambient advertising to connect with a wider audience.

The virals are no-brainers and meant to merely convey the message of speed rather speedily. Titled 'Life is Fast', the virals have been uploaded on YouTube, Zapak TV and some other blogging sites. "The virals appeal to the psyche of Internet users and convey the speed proposition in a funny manner," explains Arun Mehra, CMO, Zapak Digital Entertainment.

One of the virals depicts a scene at a cemetery. It shows a priest performing the last rites for a man, the speech comprising just one word, 'Goodbye'. The people who are supposed to lower the coffin into the pit merely dump it there and leave. Among other online promotional videos, there are four under a theme called 'Fast Film Festival', with five spoofs on English movies such as 'Spiderman'. The videos are so fast that they show all that the title says.

Zapak Mail has branded escalators and washrooms across all Adlabs and Shringar (Fame) malls in the country, such as Citi Mall, R Mall and In Orbit Mall. The downward escalators have been branded 'Easy Downloads' and the upward ones 'Easy Uploads'. Even the washrooms in these malls have the 'Easy Download' message above them.

"We have tactfully chosen these places and crafted the communication in such a way that it connects with the situation the consumer is in and brings a smile to his face," Mehra says.

Apart from these, Mehra says the company is going to roll out an eight-city road show featuring clones of the two protagonists of the TVCs, Bishnu Pehelwaan and Rocket Raja. "We will use the street play format of our TVC to educate people on the easy e-mail service and to get rid of their fear of technology," he says.

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First Published : May 22, 2007
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