Nielsen launches integrated brand consultancy, Brand3

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
This entity hopes to connect brand equity, shopping styles, purchase behaviours and category performance to drive brand growth

The Nielsen Co. has

launched a brand management consultancy service, Brand3 (Brand Cubed), which aims to be an approach towards managing brand performance and growth.

Brand3 hopes to connect retail market measurement data, household panel information and customised survey research to provide clients with an integrated perspective of brand equity - in essence, the beliefs consumers hold about a brand - together with shopping style, purchase behaviour and category performance. The service will enable clients to fully evaluate brand sales and positioning, diagnose problems, identify opportunities, alter or adjust their marketing programmes and monitor the results.

"Most clients in India, especially the ones who require managing a larger portfolio of brands, across as well as within their group's brands, often refer to key data available from different sources. The need of the day is the ability to integrate this data so as to get a holistic view that is actionable. Our global research team has developed a solution under Brand3," said Sarang Panchal, executive director, customised research, South East Asia, for ACNielsen, a division of The Nielsen Co.

Brand3 is a service that each client will be able to customise to address specific marketing situations, working in consultation with Nielsen executives. Applied, for example, to evaluate disappointing results from a recently launched product, the steps in a Brand3 implementation might include several recommendations. These include how to invigorate a stagnant category or stem declining category sales, an integrated analysis that probes whether the product is achieving sales that are consistent with its brand equity, development of brand-building strategies that link increases in brand equity among consumers to market share growth, and so on.

"An integrated understanding of consumers' motivations and behaviour can open up tremendous new marketing opportunities and revolutionise brand management decision making," says Alastair Gordon, managing director, customised research, Asia Pacific, The Nielsen Co.

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First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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