Euro RSCG wins two Sanofi Aventis brands

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | June 22, 2007
This is the result of an alignment, as Sanofi Aventis is a global client of Euro RSCG


India has been assigned the creative duties for two brands from the Sanofi Aventis stable. These include Clexane (an anti-coagulant used for the treatment of thrombosis) and Lantus (a basal insulin for the treatment of diabetes). Sanofi Aventis, a well-known pharmaceutical company, is a global client of Euro RSCG, hence this is an alignment of creative duties.

Incidentally, Euro RSCG had won the Rs 200 crore Reckitt Benckiser business in August 2006. However, Suman Srivastava, CEO, Euro RSCG India, asserts that there will be no conflict between the two pharmaceutical companies, as the Reckitt Benckiser brands are the OTC (over the counter) type, while Sanofi Aventis is more prescription driven.

Suman Srivastava
Says Srivastava, "Euro RSCG has a lot of experience in managing health-care clients. Our mission is to directly impact our clients' business performance through our tool, Creative Business Ideas, which helps our clients be future oriented."

Further, he says, Sanofi Aventis will be more of a marketing campaign led more by below the line activities than mass media (although there will be a certain amount of the latter involved). Some of the activities Euro plans on undertaking include events for medical representatives, doctors and patients, apart from seminars, mailers and other relationship building activities.

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