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Last updated : June 26, 2007
MindShare Fulcrum devised a media innovation for Close-Up and was shortlisted in the Best Media Innovation - TV category at the Emvies 2007

Close-Up toothpaste

had become a popular brand among the masses in 2004, when it launched its commercial with the catchy jingle, 'Kya aap Close-Up karte hain'. But the cool quotient of the brand started losing its charm by 2006. There was a need to rejuvenate the brand image as sales had started stagnating. MindShare Fulcrum devised a media innovation for Close-Up, which has been shortlisted in the Best Media Innovation - TV category at the Emvies 2007.

MindShare Fulcrum skimmed the environment for vehicles that would help Close-Up revive its core brand proposition, 'Haso To Khul Ke Haso'. Reality show 'Bigg Boss' was being launched in India at about the same time - this was a show that was about real tears and real laughter. MindShare Fulcrum devised a plan that would help take complete ownership of the laughter moments during the show.

The inmates of the 'Big Boss' house were woken up every morning initially with a long, shrill alarm. This obviously made them cross and grumpy. But after a few episodes, the 'Kya aap Close-Up karte hain' jingle was played in the house, instead of the irritating alarm, which helped in creating a more positive mood and reminded everyone of the Close-Up brand. Hearing the tune every day, the contestants actually sang the tune out loud, cheerily, on various occasions.

This was followed up by branding all the laughter moments on the show with the Close-Up ticker on the screen. MindShare Fulcrum then encapsulated all the Close-Up moments and showcased it back-to-back during the grand finale of the show to millions of viewers across the country. All this eventually added up to the regeneration of the brand image in the mind of the consumer. As per claims from the agency, the critical mind measurability for the brand was up by 21 per cent in the market.

First Published : June 26, 2007
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