Numbers update: Google leads by far in page views

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | July 13, 2007
Detailed comScore figures for India show that, for April 2007, Google leads Yahoo!, and Rediff is significantly higher than MSN in page views

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on Monday about comScore's recent numbers on the Indian Internet population. Now, we've got our hands on some more comScore data on the top four networks visited by Indian netizens.

Google sites had 13.9 million unique visitors in April 2007. Of this, received 11.4 million unique visitors and received 11.9 million. (A few words of clarification are not out of place here: Most of these numbers do not add up to the total because of the duplication that happens on these sites, i.e one visitor may visit multiple websites in a day.) Overall, Yahoo! sites had 14.2 million unique visitors in April 2007. While received 13.9 million unique visitors, got 9.3 million.

However, Google leads Yahoo! in terms of page views. Google sites received nine billion page views in April 2007, while Yahoo! sites got 3.4 billion. For both sites, the ratio of traffic to the international versions of the site compared to the Indian versions is 2:1.

Lower by a wide margin, but next in the pecking order, is, which received 1.2 billion page views in April 2007. As reported earlier, it received 7.2 million unique visitors in that month.

In terms of page views, the Microsoft network had 776 million page views in April 2007. The corporate website and MSN India had 65 million page views individually and had 485 million page views. As for unique visitors, the corporate website,, had 6.5 million unique visitors, received 6.9 million and had 3.5 million unique visitors (again, not accounting for the inherent duplication).

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