mobile-worx adds in-game mobile ads to its platform

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | July 24, 2007
mobile-worx launches in-game mobile advertising in its advertising portfolio

The US-based

mobile solutions firm, mobile-worx, has added in-game mobile advertising to its mobile ad portfolio, ZestADZ.

Java mobile game and application developers can insert full screen banner ads or simple text ads into a game application. The wraparound ads can appear before and after the game begins. Users will also be given the choice to skip the ads if they are not interested in watching them.

ZestADZ adds an interactive element to ads through promotional coupons or offers, which can be forwarded. Users can also click on the ads. According to Asif Ali, CTO at mobile-worx, "The response rate to the campaigns can be measured through click through ratio, pay-per-click ratio and overall response ratio. ZestADZ ensures a click-through rate of 4-5 per cent."

Speaking about the clients, Ali informed agencyfaqs! that the company has only four advertisers currently. The firm is shortly partnering with a leading food chain and a mobile handset manufacturer. It is also considering joining up with several big agencies in India and the Asia-Pacific (especially Malaysia).

ZestADZ works on three formats - non-intrusive SMSes, permission-based WAP browsing and Java applications. Currently, only text and banner ads are in action, but soon mobile-worx "will start animation, audio and video ads, too", said Ali.

In-game advertising is catching on in India along with the popularity of mobile casual gaming. Companies such as Mobile2win and Hungama Mobile also offer these advertising options.

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