Chlormint: Timing it perfectly

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | August 07, 2007
McCann-Erickson's latest ad for Chlormint moves away from the 'Dobara Mat Poochna' line associated with the brand since its launch in 1997

Chlormint, the

mint candy from Perfetti Van Melle that was launched in India in 1997, has decided it's time to shake things up. The brand has so far relied on the positioning 'Dobara Mat Poochna' (notably seen in the 'Lift' and 'Paanwala' films). It has launched a new ad, infusing fresh breath into its communication (no pun intended).

McCann-Erickson's latest commercial for Chlormint aims to expand consumption by using the thought that Chlormint can be had at any time. Says Sameer Suneja, head, marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India, "The fact that Chlormint can be had any time was always a part of our communication, although I admit our earlier campaign didn't bring that out too directly." As the protagonist always asked for the reason for consumption ('Hum Chlormint Kyun Khate Hain?'), the occasions for consumption were side-tracked.

The new campaign, says Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman, McCann-Erickson India, urges consumers to consume Chlormint on any occasion. Joshi and team have, in true Chlormint style, used a humorous, exaggerated route to convey the message.

Shots from the
Chlormint 'Kabaddi' TVC
The new TVC, titled 'Kabaddi', has the setting of a 'suhaag raat' (wedding night), wherein the shy bride is waiting for her groom with anticipation. The groom is a simpleton, more nervous and shy than the bride. His friends, in friendly banter (as is the norm on such occasions), advise him to tackle the situation like a kabaddi match. He takes the advice literally. Entering the room, he removes his groom outfit and, to the bride's amazement, starts playing kabaddi with her. The scared bride leaps away. He then touches her quickly from a 'safe' distance, and sprints out of the room in typical kabaddi style.

As he runs out, his father intercepts him and slaps him, saying, "Yeh kabaddi khelne ka waqt hai (Is this the time to play kabaddi)? Idiot!"

The VO at the end explains that there is time for everything but Chlormint can be had anytime.

Speaking on the exaggeration quotient in the film, Joshi of McCann, says, "To add entertainment value, we decided to use a route that suspends all logic. The ad clearly says that there is a time for everything, but Chlormint is an exception - one can consume it any time."

"In fact, in small towns, the groom's friends actually tease the poor fellow, saying, 'Aaj toh match hoga tumhaara', and that is where we got the insight," reveals Joshi. Of course, the fact that the protagonist takes the advice literally adds to the humour quotient.

The ad has been produced by Black Magic Films. At present, says Soneja, Chlormint enjoys a market share of 20 per cent in its category.

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