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Last updated : August 10, 2007
The FM station has announced a new, slickly packaged morning show, The Radio City Breakfast Show, with RJ Simran and RJ Varun as the main attractions

With radio

stations sprouting like wildfire, there's a race among stations to hook the listener at the very beginning of the day, i.e., the morning show. Not one to be left behind, Radio City 91.1FM is about to jumpstart mornings with four hours of laughter and fun for its listeners.

"Our research has shown that we record the highest listenership during our morning shows. So, we thought, why not make it more peppy and spicy," says Rana Barua, marketing head, Radio City.

The FM station has announced the new, slickly packaged avatar of its morning show, The Radio City Breakfast Show, with RJ Simran and RJ Varun featuring as the main attractions.

"These two vivacious, zesty voices with their unbeatable energy will spruce your mornings with new listener features, an invigorating music format, local news, views, and a tinge of spicy gossip woven in with a lot of fun," says Barua.

Barua adds, "The show, in sync with the station's vibes, introduces an invigorating new music format by spinning adult contemporary music. Adult contemporary is a music format which is not limited to a specific genre of music, a mélange of selected tracks across different genres comprising songs which have been hits over the last two decades - it is music that lasts over a period of time."

The channel is targeting mostly young people, SEC AB 24-35 years, and so the music is hand-picked and customised for the listeners, who are known to have very specific and well defined music preferences.

"Also, we expect a lot of people sitting at home to listen to our morning show as they constitute a huge part of our listenership," he adds.

The show now includes three new feature segments, addressing issues specific to the Delhi way of life.

'Iss Sawaal ka Jawaab Nahi': Celebrating Delhi's wit, the show takes up funny situation based questions inviting listeners to answer them innovatively, featuring the most amusing ones on air.

'Ding Dong Delhi': Helping bridge Delhi distances, through this capsule, the RJs invite two participants who are called 'Ding' and 'Dong' and ask them questions based on Delhi specific surveys conducted amongst a particular set of people giving them three options to choose from. Whoever answers at least two of the questions correctly, wins 20 litres of petrol a day. The winner also gets the opportunity to continue the following day on the show.

'Aao Fix Karen': Helping make life a little easier, this section invites people to call in to get simple problems fixed through the RJs! So, if Amit went for a job interview and is now wondering whether he got the job, the RJs call the company and find out.

First Published : August 10, 2007

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