CNN-IBN revamps its on-air look

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | August 10, 2007
The new design of the ticker is viewer-friendly and uncluttered. It is designed to be more informative and comprehensible for the viewers

CNN-IBN has & #BANNER1 & # changed its on-air look with a new design and new tickers and astons beginning August 8, 2007. The new format is designed to be more informative and comprehensible for viewers. The viewers will get to view animated items appearing at the bottom of the television screen, including breaking news, headlines, stock scores and announcements, in a completely new format.

The new design of the ticker is viewer-friendly and uncluttered. Without taking up too much screen space, it will provide the viewer with a mass of information, including news updates, programme reminders, advertisements, and weather and cricket reports. In addition, the astons, the top-most section displaying information on the current story, will be adjustable according to the number of characters being displayed. This will further allow more screen space for the story's visuals.

A vertical navigator box has been added on the right-hand side of the screen. This box will display the time and date and feature information and video clips on current and upcoming shows, advertising messages, the latest weather information and cricket scores

The new on-screen display will also use different colours to denote the genre of the news story being aired. For example, a national headline will be displayed in red, sports in blue, entertainment stories in purple, and international bulletins in black and white.

Commenting on the development, Rajen Garabadu, executive producer, CNN-IBN, says, "The main reason behind creating a fresh new look for our tickers and astons is to provide viewers with enhanced visual clarity. The new look will re-organise the information bars and make them more viewer-friendly."

Sanjay Dua, national sales head, CNN-IBN and IBN 7, adds, "The navigation box, in particular, will provide enhanced readability of the advertising messages and excellent visibility for those choosing to advertise with us."

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