Speed to market: Marketers to examine shrinking product lifecycle

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Last updated : August 16, 2007
We see this in film, book and music marketing where the early swell of demand is huge, but vanishes rapidly when the next fad appears. Is this what we will have to live with?

Change is the

only constant in life. The rapidly evolving Indian economy and consumer tastes are no exception. For instance, the life of Bollywood blockbusters have been squeezed from a year to six months to a mere few weeks now. Probably for the same reasons, cricket Test matches are slowly making way for Twenty20 matches. Blame it on consumer tastes. On August 24, the India Inc.'s top marketers will get together to discuss rapidly changing consumer preferences. Among them will be Anup Jain, director, marketing, Pizza Hut; Hemant Sachdev, group director, Airtel;, Lloyd Mathias, director, marketing, Motorola; Anisha Motwani, director, marketing, General Motors India; and Santosh Desai, managing director and CEO, Future Brands.

Santosh Desai
The speakers will put forward their view on how demand has increased, but vanishes rapidly when a new fad appears. This would engulf all sectors, including film, publishing, music marketing, and many more. Is this what we will have to live with?

"Loyalty is hard to win unless you can keep the customer interested with frequent news around the product," says Anup Jain. Interesting thought, but what role will execution play in it? "High-speed execution is as important as innovative strategy," says Hemant Sachdev.

Lloyd Mathias
Lloyd Mathias adds, "A new phone is launched every week. A marketer has less than a few weeks to establish the product." Point well taken.

How can you ignore cricket when you're talking of India? Amit Kumar says, "Business has changed from the Test match to the Twenty20 version. Same sport, but a different ball game." Said like a good sports fan, but that holds true for most tech-based products - be it hardware or games, mobile handsets or consumer electronic goods, and, of course, ready-to-wear. Even automobile marketers no longer have the luxury of milking a best seller over decades.

This is just a trailer of the event that will see many more interesting discussions and arguments. So, if you need speed in your life, you know where you'll be heading. Brought to you by agencyfaqs!

First Published : August 16, 2007

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