Graphic novels the way for Euro Books

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | August 16, 2007
Euro Books is all set to launch the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series and other international titles in the graphic novel format in the market soon

After launching

the famous Agatha Christie collection in the graphic novel format, Euro Books is all set to launch the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series in the same format.

Uday Mathur, managing director, Euro Books, comments, "The graphic novel scene in India had not progressed, unlike in the US and Europe, due to lack of good titles. Thus, we thought that this is a market that needed to be explored and got titles like Agatha Christie to Indian readers."

Mathur thinks that Indian children should be invited to read classic titles such as Agatha Christie so that they have knowledge of the past in terms of good writing.

Euro Books also claims to be a pioneer in coming up with crime thrillers in the graphic novel format in India.

While Agatha Christie novels have always been popular with a number of Indian readers, the new format of graphic novels will appeal to children across the country, says Mathur.

Nine titles each of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series will be available in the market around October-November. Other international titles are also waiting to be launched, among them the French comic character, 'Spirou', which will have 12 titles in the graphic novel format. 'Quick and Flupke' will be translated for the first time into English from French by Euro Books.

The books will be available at all leading bookstores in India in the price bracket of Rs 199 to Rs 450.

Disney, Cartoon Network, Barbie, Noddy, Tintin and Enid Blyton are in the Euro Books' kitty. The publishing house has also produced books on characters such as the Power Puff girls and Johnny Bravo. The publishing house is also planning to revive and reprint Phantom in the same format.

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