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Komli launches first online ad network aggregator

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | August 20, 2007
Aided by real-time auctions, is setting up an ad network aggregator for small- and medium-sized publishers

With giants & #BANNER1 & # like Microsoft completing the aQuantive deal, Google acquiring Double Click and Yahoo buying up Right Media, you can expect a lot of action in the online ad network space.

In order to cash in on this rising tide of online advertising, ad network has launched a new initiative called, an interface between publishers and online ad networks. In other words, it helps publishers manage the inventory of online ads served up from partner ad networks, via a competitive auction route. Currently, offers four ad networks - Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, ValueClick and Komli. is still in alpha version, allowing selected publishers to register, use the service and provide feedback on bugs and algorithms. It is targeted at small and medium sized publishers. As things stand, the service is free for publishers, but there are plans to earn revenues by charging publishers for value-added services (though the company didn't say exactly what these would be) as well as commissions from the partner ad networks.

Here's how it works: A publisher who has subscribed to various ad networks such as Google AdSense or Value Click can create an account with After registering, a publisher can create an Ad Tag - a small piece of code that a publisher can use to insert ads on his site. Ad Tag is similar to the HTML code provided by online ad networks, but there's a difference. The container tag represents all ad networks, which means that ads from various networks start appearing on a publisher's site.

Amar Goel, founder,, says the USP of lies in "its capability to maximise online ad revenue, simplify the process of implementing online ads through online ad networks for publishers, and helping online ad networks to spread their reach across various publishers".

For the publisher's space, conducts an auction in real time among its online ad network partners. But doesn't providing a platform for other ad networks eat into the revenues of its own ad network? Goel agrees and says, "It is very much possible that will eat into some of the revenue of, but they are looking at a broader perspective by taking care of the interests of publishers.''

The site will help publishers decide what kind of ads - text, image or videos - can work best for them. However, in the absence of more details about the value-added services, it isn't clear exactly how PubMatic will differ on this count from other ad networks.

About future plans, Goel adds, "Once out of the alpha version, will add more online ad networks, more features on reporting, tag management, and tools for communication between publishers and ad networks."

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