JWT makes it to the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2007 for Nike

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Last updated : September 11, 2007
JWT India has managed to get itself into the finalist category with the Nike cricket case study


India's entry for the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2007 has made it as a finalist. The entry is its work on Nike (the Nike cricket case study) in the Most Effective Use of Advertising category.

The awards ceremony is to be held in Singapore on September 12, 2007. The finalists will compete for the gold, silver and bronze.

Not bothered by the jam, a
cricket match atop a bus is in full swing

Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth
are spectators in the traffic jam

Freeze shot of the boy, with
Nike logo and super: 'Just Do It'
The ad opens on the shot of a traffic jam in a crowded Mumbai street; stuck in the jam is a bus full of 16-17 year old cricketers. Notwithstanding the jam, one of them leaps out onto the roof of the bus and, before you know it, a cricket match is on in full swing on top of the bus. In the manner of classic 'gali' cricket, one of the shots has the ball striking a dusty hoarding, and another one messing up an old man's daily cuppa. Watching the ball land in the hands of a young fellow in a nearby flat, the cricketers yell, 'Balcony, ball dena! (Hey, you in the balcony! Pass the ball!)" The boy on the balcony jumps on to the cricketers' terrain and starts bowling.

As the batsman strikes ball after ball, all the cricketers get out of the bus, scrambling to catch the elusive ball. Soon, bystanders get involved in the game, too. Also stuck in the jam are cricketers Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth who, for once, don't join in the game, but simply watch the proceedings. An elephant picks up the ball with his trunk, men jump on to the tops of cars to catch the ball, people bump into each other and drop things, an old Parsi man's statue with his finger up acts as the umpire - all this forms a part of the chaos that is the film. In conclusion, as the jam clears, the disappointed boys turn their backs on the game. But one of them is not willing to give up and, yelling, flings himself up into the air (freeze shot with Nike logo and super, 'Just Do It') and ends up bowling.

The case study comprised the marketing challenge and objective, the target markets, strategy and the campaign results and measurements.

The TVC was initially created for the Indian market, but the impact created by it compelled the client to run the TVC in the UK market as well. The TVC has been displayed 16 times on YouTube and had close to half a million hits by the end of July 2007.

For the record, the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards are regional awards that recognise marketing campaigns that show real results. The awards cover 17 categories across all marketing segments, including advertising, direct marketing, product design, sales promotion and event marketing.

First Published : September 11, 2007
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