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By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | September 12, 2007
Network24 has set aside a significant sum to promote the two new television channels it is launching this November


week, BAG Films and Media revealed the identity of its broadcasting venture, Network24. A creative pitch has been called for the venture. Anurradha Prasad, managing director, BAG Films and Media, confirmed the development to agencyfaqs!

The Network24 umbrella has two 24-hour channels, E24, the entertainment channel, and News24, the 24-hour news channel. Both will be launched in November. The company wants a single agency to handle the creative business for both, though it is not ruling out the option of a second agency right away.

Amit Ray, chief strategy officer, Network24, says, "Though I cannot put a figure to the kind of ad spends we are contemplating, rest assured that it will be a significant brand launch. According to me, money is neither a constraint, nor a weapon to win the battle."

Anurradha Prasad
Since the beginning, the pitch has been divided into two phases, strategy and creative. The agencies were provided an exhaustive brief on what the company expected in terms of positioning, garnering channel share and channel revenue, as also the competitive landscape into which the group was stepping. Information on the target audience (psychographic and demographic profile) and content was shared with the agencies to give them a sense of the company's plans.

Amit Ray
Six agencies participated in the first round of presentations for strategy. "We wished to get a sense of the best of both - the strategy and the creative. We didn't want it to be a case of too much to judge in too little a time - that's why this step-by-step process," says Ray. Three agencies were short-listed at the end of the first round and have made it to the creative round of presentations.

Network24 is looking at a 360 degree communications solution to tap its audience - print, radio, out-of-home, Internet, new media, and below-the-line activities. With Network24 operating in the business of television, advertising through the medium on competitor channels still remains a point to be considered.

The group owns other properties such as the radio venture, Radio Dhamaal, which will also be brought under the Network24 banner. The venture holds licences for 10 cities. The company has also forayed into content creation and new media, and is looking forward to their launch in digital and mobile content. These properties are not up for a pitch.

Network24 is not considering a media agency at the moment.

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