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Komli meshes display, search advertising

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | September 19, 2007
The online ad network is working with search marketing companies for its new ad solution, Search RePlay, to let search advertisers target customers through display advertising

Online & #BANNER1 & # advertising network Komli has launched an advertising option that lets online advertisers have the best of both worlds - display and search. The advertising solution, called Search RePlay, works like this: If a customer clicks on a search ad and visits the site of the advertiser, but does not purchase or register or perform any other conversion activity on the site, the advertiser can target this customer through display ads on other websites he visits. The display ads will only appear on websites that are a part of the Komli ad network.

Komli, which also offers behavioural targeting solutions (where the online activity of a customer is tracked for advertising), is now working with search marketing companies for Search RePlay. "Advertisers think of search and display very differently. With Search RePlay, we are marrying the two," says Akshay Garg, business head, Komli. Garg did not name the search agencies that Komli is working with, but some of companies that fall in this domain are Pinstorm, Communicate2 and Position2.

"If the customer does not make a purchase despite clicking on a search ad, there is little more that search advertising can do. Now, we can use display advertising to target those customers and therefore increase conversion rates," adds Garg. The advertiser can also decide on a specific ad to display to such customers.

Komli achieves this through cookies which anonymously track the websites the customers visit. The display ads are shown to the customer four or five times after they leave the advertiser's site, following which they are discontinued.

Garg adds that financial, automobile and real estate companies, in which the decision-making process is longer, would benefit from Search RePlay by targeting the right customers.

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