Badman turns Goodman with petrol killer YoSpeed

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Last updated : October 12, 2007
The two-wheeler is now packed with greater power and can seat two


the national launch of the Yobykes range a year ago in October 2006, Electrotherm has launched YoSpeed. The new bike has added features and continues to endorse its no petrol slogan.

Badman Grover is retiring

Petrol has kidnapped
the consumer

YoSpeed breaks in
through the TV screen

A changed Gulshan
Grover in kurta
Mudra Ahmedabad's second agency, Canvas Communications, has done the creatives for YoSpeed. The TVC features popular Hindi film villain Gulshan Grover. In the TVC, he is shown retiring from the bad world. Grover is distributing his stuff to his fellow villains at his hideout. His mates ask him why the badman is retiring, Grover replies, "Main badman? Asli badman to yeh sasura petrol hai (I'm not badman, the real badman is petrol)." He then turns on the huge television screen nearby, which shows people trapped in petrol pipes, and says, "Iski mehngai ne sabko kidnap kar rakha hai (The high petrol prices have kidnapped the consumers)." He wonders aloud, "Isse kaun bachayega (Who will save us from petrol)?" Hardly has he finished his sentence than a YoSpeed bike breaks in through the television screen.

Cut to a frame of a young, carefree couple on the two-wheeler. The VO describes the features of the YoSpeed. The next frame has Gulshan Grover again, but this time he is a changed person. Dressed in a kurta pyjama, standing in front of a YoSpeed showroom, he advises, "Badman uh, Goodman ki good advice suno."

Canvas Communication's director, brand communications, Shekhar Pandey, said to agencyfaqs!, "We have continued to drive home the point that YoSpeed is a no petrol bike and offers much more than the earlier YoSmart." Pandey says that in an age in which petrol prices will continue to soar, a no petrol bike is a smart solution.

YoSpeed is the latest electric two-wheeler from Electrotherm and it boasts of most of the features offered by a normal petrol-run scooter. In contrast to the YoSmart, YoSpeed has 750 W power - thrice as much as YoSmart - and can accommodate a pillion rider, too. The bike has been granted ARAI approval. While YoSmart had a speed limit of 25 km per hour, YoSpeed can go up to 45 km per hour. An overnight charge of six hours lasts for 60-70 km.

Targeted at youth and women, running the YoSpeed costs Rs 50 for 500 km in the petrol conversion. As opposed to YoSmart, the YoSpeed will require a licence and registration.

On questioning the use of Gulshan Grover in the commercial, Bobby Pawar, national creative director, Mudra, says, "We all identify with the hero or superhuman being, but no one understands the villain. So, we captured this thought and created a link between the villain and the vehicle's villain, petrol. And Gulshan fitted the bill well." Though Grover isn't the brand ambassador for YoSpeed, he is part of the commercial as a link. The commercial has been shot by Sanjay Gadhvi of 'Dhoom-2' fame.

First Published : October 12, 2007

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