Seventymm adds community, looks at online movies

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | October 15, 2007
The online movie rental site has revamped itself to include social networking features and is planning to deliver online movies next year

Seventymm, the

online movie rental service, has revamped its website, Apart from the change in design, the site has added networking and profiling features. Each Seventymm member now has a My Hangout page where a profile, friends, movie reviews and quizzes can be displayed. In true networking style, members can upload pictures and videos, rate and review movies, and have conversations with each other.

Speaking to agencyfaqs!, CEO Raghav Kher said, "We have always believed in creating a community of movie lovers. Through the new site, we are expanding to a global audience." Seventymm currently has 35,000 movie rental customers in six cities, but Kher says that the company is now aiming to build a movie community among the 25 million-strong population of Indians abroad.

By aiming at a larger audience, Seventymm is clearly building a base to expand into online movie distribution. Confirms Kher: "It is in our plan and we will get into online movie distribution next year."

He adds that after the revamp, the company expects to add a "couple of million" to its members. As members will be allowed to upload videos, there is always the concern of copyright violations. Kher says that any such video will be removed from the site and videos will be monitored for copyright issues.

For a site like Seventymm, which has been around since March 2006, the addition of these social media features seems like a natural evolution towards online movie distribution. The online entertainment business is, of course, getting crowded with big players like Reliance Entertainment's BigFlicks and and start-ups like Kyazoonga and Chakpak.

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