Watch out for the new Deccan - Simplifly

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | October 17, 2007
Air Deccan relaunches as Deccan under the UB group flag with the positioning line 'The choice is simple'. A road-show to incorporate UB's values is in store

Air Deccan

has been rechristened and will now be called Deccan. The line 'Simplifly' has been retained. The ad spends for the nationwide campaign are estimated to be in the vicinity of Rs 15 crore.

After its incorporation under the UB Group umbrella, Deccan sought a revamp of its existing flaws. Research brought to surface the fact that, though most air travellers chose Air Deccan as their flight of choice, they weren't proud of saying it aloud. "Flyers, especially first time flyers, need to experience more than just flying. We need to give them something that makes them come back again and again," says Thomas Xavier, NCD, Orchard. Orchard has been Deccan's agency since 2003.

The candies fly
out of the jar

The signpost get unhinged
and flies upwards

The player's watch is
undone and takes off

Sky dotted with watches,
signposts and candies

The airbus in flight
When asked why Deccan decided to undergo rebranding, Xavier answers, "Post the take over, the old Deccan needed to be tweaked a little to be in consonance with Kingfisher. The two airlines need to be synergised, not just in terms of staff or infrastructure, but also in image." He further clarifies, "Even though the image has undergone a change, the idea of being a low cost airline does not change."

The launch campaign includes teasers and a final launch ad. The teasers delve on key issues that Deccan wants to imply with its rebranding, such as 'excellent on time performance', 'wider network' and 'little delights all the way'. The final launch ad has the positioning line 'The choice is simple'. The first of the three teasers opens with a little girl opening a candy jar and the candy starts to fly up into the sky. The super says, "Little delights all the way". The next teaser has a girl driving through a lonely road and the signpost takes off upwards. The super goes, "And a wider network". The third teaser has a guy playing on the basketball where he hits a slam dunk and all of a sudden his watch comes undone and begins its upward flight. The super appears, "Excellent on time performance".

The final launch ad has a bunch of people on a busy road staring up at the sky, which is completely dotted with watches, signposts and candy. From within the cloud emerges the new Deccan airplane. Super appears, "The choice is simple".

The logo, too, has been changed. It now fashions the kingfisher bird next to Simplifly - Deccan. Red is the colour of Deccan too.

Speaking to agencyfaqs!, Deccan's marketing head, Nalin Gajrani, comments, "Deccan has always been a value for money airline. We have refurbished the brand's image, wanting first time travelers to return. Deccan must be their preferred choice."

The media mix for the nationwide launch includes online and outdoor campaigns, apart from television and print. In a time span of two to three months, other value added products such as tele check in, web check in and mobile driven products will also be launched.

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