Timesjobs to hand your boss a report card

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | October 17, 2007
Tribal DDB India has developed a site called Boss Meter for Timesjobs, where employees can vote for their boss


is attempting to reverse the boss-bashing trend on World Boss Day this Tuesday. The jobs portal owned by Times Business Solutions has put up a site, www.bossmeter.net, where employees satisfied (or not) with their boss can put them up for a nomination. Then, a few other colleagues can vote for or against the boss. Depending on the overall response, the boss is then sent a report card with a total score on the Boss Meter.

Timesjobs had a similar campaign last year when all employees could rate their boss. This time round, the campaign is being promoted through a viral e-mail. Rajat Gandhi, head, marketing, Timesjobs, says, "Bosses have become more of friends and mentors today, as the age gap is reducing. We wanted to remove some of the negativity surrounding bosses and let people have fun through the site." The campaign will run for a week.

On choosing a viral route, Gandhi says, "People are more networked now and a viral campaign is the best way to get people involved. This way it is more interactive." Gandhi adds that the previous boss campaign received about 70,000 votes. The Boss Meter website will be promoted through print ads and banner ads on network websites.

The best-rated bosses even stand to win holiday vouchers.

The website has been conceptualised and developed by interactive agency Tribal DDB India. Leroy Alvares, country head, Tribal DDB India, says, "What we wanted to say through this campaign is that the boss is not always the bad guy! We chose to do it through a viral campaign as the time is right for a networking oriented campaign. People connect well through communities, and there are always a few people in every company who are the lead organisers for everything." In the campaign, up to five employees can vote for a particular boss.

Tribal DDB India has been the agency behind most of Timesjobs' online campaigns, including the award-winning Chartbusters site.

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