Mediaware develops ERP System for OOH

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | October 22, 2007
The company is banking on the outdoor medium, which is fast changing from a disorganised (or at best semi-organised) sector to a highly organised sector


Infotech, a Mumbai based company with a presence across India, has developed an ERP system for out-of-home media companies. This covers the whole process from site acquisition to client billing without missing a single step - budgeting and monitoring, site erection expenses, maintenance expenses, tendering for municipal/government sites, preparing outdoor plans and estimates, executing outdoor schedules and logging related expenses, culminating sales invoices along with debit notes and credit notes and an exhaustive set of management reports.

Mudit Raniwala, head OOH, Mediaware Infotech "All this is designed keeping in mind the advanced status of out-of-home media."

From a disorganised (or at best semi-organised) sector, the outdoor medium is rapidly becoming a highly organised one. This is amply corroborated on one hand by the advent of highly professionally managed groups like Laqshya Media, Future Group, OOH Media and Reliance.

On the other hand is the advancing digitisation of out-of-home media. It all started with sophisticated digital printouts replacing pointed hoardings, and moved on to digital displays having video content placed strategically in high footfall areas. "Welcome to the emerging world of out-of-home media. In such a scenario, automation cannot be left behind," says Mudit Raniwala.

On another level, out-of-home is taking the shape of the broadcasting. Look at the increasing number of TV screens mounted at strategic locations spewing out a mix of content and advertising. In fact, the resemblance to television is extremely close in case of content-led companies such as the Wall Street Journal who have launched out-of-home digital arms. In fact, in some cases, the content delivery route also follows the satellite TV route with content being uplinked to a satellite transponder and downloaded via c-band antennae. Of course, many players prefer the cheaper IP route for delivery. But in both cases, the process remains the same - from monitoring TV screen installations and footfalls to scheduling ads for each individual screen, monitoring and client billing.

"Mediaware's out-of-home module addresses this aspect of the business for giving OOH media companies a comprehensive solution to meet all their needs," says Mudit.

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