Is TV advertising working for online players?

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | October 24, 2007
JuxtConsult "adMomentux" rates the effectiveness of TVCs of Internet portals in categories such as e-mail, jobs, matrimony, real estate and travel

A recent

report by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, points out that 143 Internet portals advertised on TV during January-August 2007. Advertising on TV by Internet portals registered a growth of 190 per cent during January-August 2007 as compared to the same period in 2006.

Various online players such as,,,, and are advertising on TV these days. But is advertising on TV by online players creating any mark in the mind of its target audience?

JuxtConsult used its latest ad monitoring tool, called AdMomentux, to figure out the effectiveness of TVCs of select online brands across various categories such as e-mail, jobs, matrimony, real estate and travel during August-September 2007.

AdMomentux measures "audience mindshare", which indicates the effectiveness of a TV commercial within a particular product category. Audience mindshare is based on parameters like top-of-mind recall, appeal, likeability, relevance and comprehensibility of the ad among consumers, combined with the brand differentiation and preference created by an ad. Higher audience mindshare implies higher effectiveness of an ad.

The AdMomentux survey was conducted online among those netizens who use the services of online portals (e-mail, jobs, matrimony, real estate and travel) or intend to use it in the next six months. In each category, every respondent is shown one live ad (picked randomly) and then asked to rate the ad on 12 parameters. The average rating for each ad is then used to measure audience mindshare. Between 120 to 150 respondents are used to check the effectiveness of each brand in each category.

Jobs TVC
The trend of unique visitors in the online job space is replicated in the field of advertising as well. Naukri's 'Hari Sadu' TVC - created by Draft FCB (Ulka) - outperforms other player ads to earn an audience mindshare of 50.8 per cent. is positioned as a site which empowers its members to stay fearless as they can find a job any time. Monster and TimesJobs receive 38 per cent and 10.4 per cent audience mindshare, respectively. Clickjobs' (from the Bharat Matrimony Group) TVC received a mere 0.2 per cent audience mindshare.


Bharatmatrimony TVC
Bharatmatrimony's TVC is the most effective, with 43.8 per cent audience mindshare. positions its portal towards those who are modern yet traditional - the TVC shows how a modern boy and girl follow traditional rituals when it comes to marriage. The TVC of, showing the photographs of its various members, receives 36.1 per cent audience mindshare. With 18.4 per cent audience mindshare, Info Edge's matrimonial portal, Jeevansathi's TVC is the third most effective ad in the category. The TVC showing a father and mother searching for a groom for their daughter at various places is the least effective ad, with only 1.7 per cent audience mindshare.

Real estate TVC
The online real estate category is not doing as well as jobs and matrimony. But that hasn't stopped online players from spending promotional money on TV advertising. Times Internet's real estate portal, TV commercial (showing a man searching for a house on the site, and calling up his boss to tell him that he is house hunting) is the most effective. It got a total of 42 per cent audience mindshare. Info Edge's real estate portal,'s TVC, showing how the real estate portal helps Shah Jahan find land and a finance option to build the Taj Mahal, receives 33 per cent audience mindshare. The TVC of receives 14 per cent audience mindshare, and Bharatmatrimony's Indiaproperty receives 12 per cent audience mindshare.

Travel TVC
In the online travel space, the TV commercial showing various offers for various types of hotels for different occasions and budgets is the most effective ad, with an audience mindshare of 41.2 per cent. Yatra's TVC is the second most effective ad in the travel category, with 30.7 per cent audience mindshare. It shows how a travel agent uses to offer various deals to his clients. Travelguru's TVC showing a couple separating from each other has 12 per cent audience mindshare and Cleartrip's ad on air fare deals showing Superman, Batman and Spiderman sitting in an airplane has 4.9 per cent audience mindshare.


In the email category, the Zapak mail TVC (depicting a couple getting married in church, when in the midst of the ceremony, a person comes and hands the divorce papers to them) is the most effective ad. It has a 38.8 per cent audience mindshare. The Zapak mail TVC tries to convey its promise of fast mail. Yahoo mail has the second most effective ad, followed by Rediffmail, receiving 34.1 per cent and 14.9 per cent of audience mindshare, respectively.

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