Advertisers give green signal to Bluetooth magic in Bangalore

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | October 24, 2007
TELiBrahma Convergent Communications has identified the power of Bluetooth advertising. It has installed a Bluetooth advertising platform in Bangalore's Commercial Street


Advertising as a concept is not new globally, but it is relatively fresh in India. A lot of marketers are willing to experiment with it. TELiBrahma Convergent Communications, mobile solutions provider, is one of the firms which has identified and decided to cash in on this trend. It has entered into a partnership with Commercial Street, a shopping area in Bangalore, to introduce what it calls 'Blue Genie' or a Bluetooth advertising solution.

All of Commercial Street is to be converted into a Bluetooth zone, and consumers will be fed with multiple advertising offers using the technology. Bluetooth is a zero cost and advertiser/consumer friendly application. The relevant advertising messages are passed on to the consumers at the point where consumers are most likely to take a purchase decision, like in a shopping area.

Narasimha Suresh
Narasimha Suresh, chief executive officer, TELiBrahma Convergent Communications, says, "This is a pure permission based mobile advertising offer, the consumers get the best of the deals, and the retailers get to use a robust and cost effective advertising medium. It is very advantageous for consumers, for they get access to information/deals and discounts at zero cost, as this is a telecom operator independent service."

The service has been opened up for the festival season. TELiBrahma will do a trial run of the solution for a period of 15 days with select stores on the street (such as DCM, Nobel Furnishings, The Favorite Shop) and then extend it to 100 of the 200 shops on the street.

Interestingly, by introducing this solution, TELiBrahma wants to provide a platform to the SME segment, and perceive how mobile marketing facilitates the retailers. According to Suresh, "In this perspective, the advertising cost associated with advertising on this medium is kept very low."

Similar Bluetooth mobile marketing solutions are deployed at The Forum and the Total Mall in Bangalore.

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