RAM: Delhi has the highest proportion of SEC A listeners

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Last updated : November 05, 2007
Mumbai and Bangalore are high on average weekly reach of listeners

The weekly

RAM data offers quite a few insights on the consumption of FM in India. The first set of RAM data shows that among the three cities, the average weekly reach is almost equal for Mumbai and Bangalore. While the average weekly reach for Mumbai is 99.5 per cent, that for Bangalore is 99.6 per cent. In comparison, the figure for Delhi is much lower at 96.6 per cent.

In terms of time spent on the FM station, Bangalore leads the list among these three metros with 1,092 minutes per week. In comparison, in Mumbai and Delhi, the time spent is 845 minutes per week and 796 minutes per week, respectively.

Delhi leads the list in terms of SEC A representation, a most sought after TG (target group) by advertisers and brand owners. In Delhi's listenership universe, 40 per cent of listeners are from SEC A, while 25 per cent are from SEC B, and 35 per cent from SEC C, D and E.

However, in Mumbai, the representation of SEC A and B is only 20 per cent each, and that of C, D and E is 60 per cent - just the other way round from Delhi.

In Bangalore, the divide between SEC A and B and C, D and E is more rational. SEC A and B represent 56 per cent of FM listeners in the city, and SEC C, D and E, the remaining 44 per cent.

There is also a difference in the weekends vs weekdays listenership trend in the three cities. For instance, in Mumbai, the average time spent on a weekday is the same as that spent on the weekend - 123 minutes per day and 122 minutes per day, respectively.

But in Delhi, the average time spent on weekends is higher than that on weekdays (117 minutes per day and 108 minutes per day, respectively). In Bangalore, the time spent on weekends is considerably lower than that on weekdays - 160 minutes per day and 148 minutes per day, respectively.

The RAM report also suggests that in Delhi, overall tune-in numbers are lower than in the other two markets, with weekends having higher tune-ins than weekdays.

On an average day, Bangaloreans are the first to tune in to radio as compared to Delhiites and Mumbaikars. The listenership in Bangalore starts as early as 6 am and the best performing day parts in the city are between 6 am and 9 am. But in Delhi, the evening time bands, 7-9 pm, is the best performing day part.

The universe for RAM includes people above 12 years who own an FM device.

First Published : November 05, 2007

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