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Foods and beverages marketers had the most mouth-watering offers last week

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Foods and beverages marketers had the most mouth-watering offers last week.

Limca in the Dhan-a-Dhan offer was giving great prizes with every Limca 300-ml bottle. The take-away included 60 prizes of 1-gm of gold, 157 prizes of 5-gm gold, 87 prizes of 10-gm gold, three prizes of 20-gm gold and many more. This promo was running in select cities only and is open till April 15, 2001. Coca-Cola is giving a Pichkari free with two bottles of Coke Mobiles. This limited-stock offer is valid only in Delhi and the NCR.

Through the 'Nirula's and Coca-Cola Super Meal Deals' Nirula's was tempting people with fantastic chances to win over one lakh guaranteed prizes. The bumper prize was a new WagonR. Other prizes included NOW ISP connections, Moulinex home appliances, Mahindra holiday packages, Thai Air tickets, Archies perfume vials and many more. This offer could be availed of on scratching the card available with the Nirula's Super Meal Deals. This offer is valid in Delhi till April 15, 2001. On buying a packet of Britannia Milkman cheese spread the consumer got a pack of Britannia 50-50 biscuits worth Rs 6.50 free. This limited-stock offer is valid in select cities only.

Gemini had multiple offers for consumers. With every 5-lt pack of Gemini refined sunflower oil, the company was giving 250-gm pack of Tata Tea Premium worth Rs 40 free. In a similar offer, the company was giving 90-gm of Lehar Aloo Bhujiya free with every 1-lt pack of Gemini refined sunflower oil. This scheme is valid in Delhi only.

With summer lurking round the corner, LG, in its 'Summer Bonanza' offer, was wooing consumers with the promise of a free Polar fan with an LG refrigerator. This offer is running only in Kalkota, and will be on till March 10, 2001. Prestige in the 'Special Exchange Price' was giving the buyer a brand new Prestige LP gas stove for Rs 1,450 plus a waiver of Rs 500. Buyers could avail of this offer if they exchanged an old LP gas stove for a new one. This limited-stock promo is valid in Kolkata only.

Magna Publishing was luring potential subscribers with the opportunity to own an Akai colour television of worth Rs 7,490 and an Akai VCD player worth Rs 7,990 free. To avail of the offer, the buyer had to subscribe to Stardust, Society, Savvy, Health and Showtime for six years and pay Rs 14,400. In an equally attractive offer the publication was giving a Singer microwave oven of worth Rs 11,990 free with a five-year subscription of all the five magazines.

Canon, as part of the 'Canon sure-shot' offer, gave customers a chance to win a wrist-watch or a Canon digital camera or a Canoscan scanner. Consumers could avail of this offer if they scratched the card available with a Canon printer. This limited-stock offer was valid in Delhi, Faridabad, Noida and Kanpur.

In the 'Special Holi' offer, Spice Telecom was giving an Ericsson GF 768 for Rs 3,500 with a new Spice connection. This promo is valid till March 9, 2001. Spice Telecom was giving a 24-karat gold coin free with the Spice post-paid connection. This offer is valid only in Kolkata till March 31, 2001.

Appu Ghar hitched on to the spirit of Holi. On buying an All-Ride Ticket at Appu Ghar, the buyer got a packet of 'Holi Ka Rang' free. To make the Holi celebration complete, Appu Ghar was also giving a Pichkari free with the All-Ride Ticket, provided the consumer also bought a bottle of Coke. This offer is open up to March 9, 2001. In another colourful offer, Times Classifieds was giving a Revlon gift hamper worth Rs 200 free on booking a Holi message in any of the Times offices.

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