Yahoo Creative Conference II: McCann-Erickson wins the Big Idea Chair

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Last updated : November 27, 2007
The other nominations for the Big Idea Chair were Tata Indicom's 'Experience the Difference' campaign, the Dove Hair Care campaign and the Cornetto 'Spill Ur Dil' campaign

Yahoo! organised

its second creative conference this year to honour the most creative minds in Indian advertising for their contribution to innovation and creativity online. After evaluating entries from various agencies for a period of six months, 21 of the most creative entries were chosen. From these, the four most eligible were finalised. These included Tata Indicom's 'Experience the Difference' campaign, Parachute Advansed's 'Gorgeous Hamesha' campaign, the Dove Hair Care campaign and the Cornetto 'Spill Ur Dil' campaign.

During the case study presentations of the four campaigns, Parachute Advansed's 'Gorgeous Hamesha' campaign, created by McCann-Erickson, was awarded the highest rank and was found to be the most popular among both the judges and the audience.

The hair and beauty market is flooded with modern players offering both shampoos and conditioners. Parachute Advansed, a hair oil brand, was losing its imagery in the beauty domain. The objective for the brand was to transcend its imagery in such a way that it became synonymous with good looks and gorgeousness.

After research, it was found that men found women most beautiful during simple, every day moments of life, like when she is sleeping, while she is cooking, when she is angry or when she has just come out of a bath.

The idea created by McCann highlighted the fact that the true beauty of a woman is actually in the ordinary moments of life. The tagline said 'Gorgeous Hamesha'. On further stretching the idea, a song was composed in Hindi describing the various moods and activities of a woman during a normal day. The song said that it's not necessary to put on make up to look beautiful; every woman already possesses the true beauty gifted to her by nature.

However, the challenge here was to get women in the age group of 25-35 years to actively embrace the brand notion. A specific website was created (, where women could submit simple but gorgeous looking pictures of themselves at the Gorgeous Girl gallery. The website personalised the gorgeous moment for every woman and also allowed them to experience and interact with the brand.

Awareness for the website was created by print, radio (Radio City), TVCs and outdoor advertising. The website also allowed men to send or dedicate the 'Gorgeous Hamesha' song to their partners with a personalised message.

The campaign ran for two and a half moths starting July 1, 2007. During this period, the website received two lakh hits and 66,000 views of the Gorgeous Video greeting; 55,000 mobile audio and video greetings were sent as well. The sales for Parachute Advansed saw a 96 per cent increase during this period.

First Published : November 27, 2007

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