INX Media also jumps into online airtime sales

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | December 03, 2007
INX Media has introduced a unique online service for advertisers, AdValue, in order to facilitate quick and simple airtime sales on the network

INX Media

Network has come up with a unique way of selling airtime to its clients. It has introduced online airtime packages with transparent rates for all advertisers. The service is branded as AdValue and is part of the Club INX offering that the network started in the middle of November.

Probal Gaanguly, group director, revenue management, advertising sales and new media, INX Media, says, "Club INX initially had three levels of platinum, gold and silver members. AdValue will form the fourth level of the offering. AdValue is especially for clients who are not part of the platinum, gold and silver levels."

AdValue can be accessed online on the INX Network website. It offers advertisers the concept of Best Buy. According to Gaanguly, the idea works just like booking flight tickets online. Best Buy will have ad packages of different price values for every month. Advertisers can pick the package that best suits their media plan.

Currently, AdValue Best Buy packages are available online in three price ranges: Rs 9 lakh, Rs 27 lakh and Rs 54 lakh. For December, there are 12 packages available in the Rs 9 lakh range, six packages in the Rs 27 lakh range and two packages in the Rs 54 lakh range. The individual packages will have details of the exact time slots available to advertisers.

If a client buys a Rs 9 lakh package, he will get airtime for 100 spots of 30 seconds each through the month of December on both 9X (75 spots) and 9XM (25 spots). The cost works out to Rs 3,000 for 10 seconds.

The Rs 27 lakh package offers 360 30-second spots on both channels. The average spots per day are 12, nine on 9X and three on 9XM. The cost per 10 seconds works out to Rs 2,500.

The Rs 54 lakh package offers 900 30-second spots on both channels. The average spots per day are 30 spots at the price of Rs 2,000 per 10 seconds. From these 30 slots, 22 will be available on 9X and seven-eight, on 9XM.

Gaanguly says that generally, advertisers have to meet broadcasters several times to sort out simple issues such as time slots and payments. These meetings can consume more than three-four hours. The AdValue model puts ad sales into a proper structure and makes thing a lot simpler for the clients. It will help advertisers plan their media plans effectively in advance for the entire month. Clients can choose the package they want online, fill the form and make the payment. Buying time in bulk will save additional costs for the advertiser and make the deals quicker and better.

If a client does not want to buy any of the available packages, AdValue has listed its true value rate card on the website with the individual rates for each time slot on 9X and 9XM.

Three of the 12 Rs 9 lakh packages have already been sold, but Gaanguly was reluctant to reveal who had bought them.

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