High recall of slogans on OOH media vehicles: study

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Last updated : December 24, 2007
OOH Media and Nielsen Media Research have conducted a study on the response generated by out of home media

In an

effort to understand the effectiveness and response of consumers to out of home (OOH) media vehicles, the Ishan Raina backed OOH Media, in association with Nielsen Media Research, has released a study which has thrown up some interesting findings. The research was targeted as a tool to understand screen recall, advertising recall, elements of advertising recall and a general hygiene check on the medium.

The research was client focused and conducted across OOH Media screens for the following categories: media, travel, personal care, automaker, insurance, fuel, chocolate, snack, news channel, mutual fund and apparel.

Some of the key points covered included screen visibility, active viewing, audience profiling, advertising recall on OOH Media, keyword recall and the use of OOH Media as a reach builder for BPO/television dark audiences.

Across OOH Media screens, an 87 per cent average visibility was noticed for screens across locations. If there are multiple screens within a location, respondents on an average tended to notice more than two screens. They were also able to recall and identify screen locations within office buildings and in-store locations which were cluttered with other advertising media.

The research, conducted for various clients across markets such as Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, showed that on an average, 72 per cent of the audience visiting OOH Media locations belong to SEC A. As far as ad recall is concerned, 76 per cent respondents were able to recall the advertising that they saw on OOH Media screens.

Research for a confectionery client proved that OOH is a recognition based and not response based medium. The client had done a burst for his teaser campaign on OOH Media and other outdoor vehicles and television. On television, the client was running a URL code in the communication as on OOH Media, he was advertising for an SMS facility. The research results showed that from among those who saw the outdoor activity, most of them claimed to notice the SMS facility and 46 per cent of them could recall the correct SMS number.

Research conducted across various categories showed high recall of prominent creative elements. For a snack client, for instance, it was deduced that 97 per cent of the respondents were able to recall the correct slogan (deduced after two rounds of research).

OOH was found to be a wonderful way to reach BPO/television dark audiences. Research conducted for a travel client showed that 35 per cent such respondents across locations claimed never to have seen the campaign before seeing it on an OOH Media site.

Research conducted for a reality show showed highly favourable recall levels for key take-aways such as programme hosts/stars and timings. More than 30 per cent recalled both Host 1 and 2 across all locations. Only Host 1 and 2 were being pushed on the OOH Media network during the period of research.

First Published : December 24, 2007
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