Nokia appoints Shah Rukh Khan brand ambassador

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | December 26, 2007
The marketing initiative aims to highlight the integral role and criticality of Nokia in the lives of people who use the brand

Nokia has

appointed Hindi film superstar Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) as its corporate brand ambassador. As part of this association, Nokia has launched a TVC created by Bates David Enterprise.

With the continuous growth of Nokia in India, there was a need to develop trust and re-establish the faith and the bond consumers have with their mobiles. The objective of the marketing initiative is to highlight the integral role and criticality of Nokia in the lives of people who use the brand.

Nokia's total revenue increased from Rs 12,062 crore to Rs 15,891 crore, clocking a 32 per cent growth for fiscal 2006-07. Currently, Nokia enjoys a 70 per cent market share. According to Devinder Kishore, director, marketing, Nokia India, there is a complete synergy between the Nokia brand and the personification of the SRK brand. Both have a youth connect and are trendy and technology savvy and, most importantly, both symbolise trust.

SRK and Devinder Kishore
The TV commercial focuses on the seamless weaving of Nokia in people's lives today and highlights how the brand has become a trusted friend by being with them in the most important moments of their life.

Alok Agarwal, executive vice-president, Bates David Enterprise, says, "The target audience for the commercial is people in SEC A, B and C segments in the age group of 14-45 years. Considering that every three of four owners of mobile phones in India are Nokia owners, there is a need to make them feel comfortable and reassured about the brand of their choice. Shah Rukh, with his mass appeal, cuts across metros, small towns and the interiors of the country. In fact, the actor himself has been a Nokia user for over 10 years now."

The commercial has been directed by ad filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar. The TVC begins with SRK talking on his cell phone and walking in his house. As he does so, he says, 'Kuchh khaas baatein sabse pehle kuchh khaas hi jaantein hain'. He opens the door and enters a nursery with a cradle in it. He calls out to his son and says, 'Jaise zindagi mein nayi zindagi ka aana.'

He opens another door and enters a bedroom with photos of his wife and him on the walls. He dusts a photo on a table affectionately and says, 'Har taqraar aur pyaar ka afsana.' Then he opens yet another door and enters a room that looks as if it's ready for a movie launch event. There is a banner of Om Shanti Om in the background and a group of people congratulate him saying, 'Well done, Shah Rukh bhai, mubarak ho.' And SRK says 'Har khushkhabri jo paas laata hain'.

The commercial shows a host of such events that bring out how people use the elements of mobility, voice, imaging, SMS and music in their everyday life. The TVC ends with SRK saying, 'Ek aisa dost jo hain har dil main shaamil. Nokia mera humsafar, dus saal se mera saathi, mera vishwas. Hamara Nokia.'

In 10 days' time, the TV campaign will be further integrated with other consumer touch points such as print, outdoor, radio, online and digital media.

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