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Last updated : January 22, 2008
The TVC for the newly launched Reliance Mobile Blog service is based on the premise that nobody's a stranger in the Reliance Mobile Blog world

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look around and you'll probably find everyone carrying a mobile on them. With connectivity in such abundance, it's not a surprise that in the television commercial (TVC) for its newly launched value added service, Mobile Blog, Reliance is putting forward the thought that nobody's a stranger in the Reliance Mobile Blog world.

Loaded with visual vivacity and an equally pumped up but tweaked spiritual jingle, the Reliance Mobile Blog TVC tries to reach out to the young digital tribe which is armed with Reliance Mobile phones.

The PYT in her world

People share with her...

...their side of tales.

The 'connected'
Reliance Mobile World
According to Bobby Pawar, national creative director, Mudra, "With everyone carrying one, cell phones automatically create a parallel world around you. This TVC talks about a value added service and how it enhances a user's life. The thought that cell phones have an influence on our lives and, in turn, the community in which we live has been brought out here. Users can connect with the entire world, and no one emerges a stranger, through the Mobile Blog." The TVC talks about this innovation and invites the relevant target group to a more connected world.

So, what exactly is Reliance offering on the mobile blogging plate? Mobile blogging is being touted as the next generation of blogging and Reliance Mobile is offering its users the option to blog through their mobile phones.

The TVC tells the tale of a pretty young girl seated on a park bench. She pulls out a diary and scribbles her thoughts in it. The jingle, a tweaked version of the popular spiritual track, "He's got the whole world in his hands", accompanies the relevant imagery. While the young girl sits there writing in her book, strangers are shown walking up to her and handing over scraps of paper with their stories on them. People from all walks of life - a teacher, an office-goer, a jaywalker, school children, a monk, a scuba diver - either tell their tale to her or go through other peoples' stories. The voiceover at the end proclaims, "I share my diary with the world on Reliance Mobile Blog. Because, in my world, there are no strangers. What's your world?" Shot in Singapore, the TVC has been produced by K Films and directed by Arjun Mukherjee.

Besides the cleverly woven visual imagery of various people sharing their stories and journeys with one person, the other striking feature of the TVC is its jingle, which breaks into full crescendo by the time the film reaches its zenith. Pawar says, "We took a classic song and realised it fit really well with this description. It is a modern interpretation of the old song and captures the feeling of having the power to connect with the world through a mobile."

First Published : January 22, 2008
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