Firangi to be launched on February 25

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | February 01, 2008
The channel has tied up with more than eight content providers from across the globe and has more than 2,000 hours of programming scheduled for the launch

Firangi, the

world television channel from Sahara One, will be launched on February 25.

Firangi is targeted at an audience in the age group of 20-45 years in SEC A, B and C segments. In research conducted over three-four months, syndicated by the channel, in eight-10 towns in the North and West of the country, it was found that viewers in general are very bored with the current format of soaps. According to Rajeev Chakrabarti, business head, Firangi, the soaps have convoluted story lines and tend to go on forever. Fatigue has set in with the audience and anything refreshing in terms of programming holds the potential to succeed.

Firangi has designed its programming with this in mind. Most of the programmes on the channel will be an hour long and dubbed in Hindi. They will be kept to a maximum duration of six-eight months. Chakrabarti says that the target group for the channel is already exposed to international culture and expects something concrete and definitive on television. The short duration programmes on the channel will be fast paced, with a definite start and end time. The audience will find it easy to relate to the programmes, which will hold relevance in the current social milieu.

Chakrabarti says, "Hindi has been chosen over English because Hindi has a wider reach in the country and is able to address a larger portion of the population. However, strict attention is being paid to the Hindi dubbing quality for the programmes. It's very common to see shabbily dubbed Hollywood movies. If one can improve on the quality of dubbing, it makes a huge difference to the receptivity of the programme."

The channel has tied up with more than eight content providers from across the globe and has more than 2,000 hours of programming scheduled for the launch. Some of the content providers are Globo TV (Brazil), Televisa (Mexico), Marathon (France), Dori Media (Miami, US) and Telemundo (a Spanish language TV network in the US). The overall content will cater to a variety of genres such as drama series, comedy, action thrillers, mini series, romance and, on the weekends, world movies.

The initial brand building phase of the advertising campaign for Firangi was launched on January 30. The campaign introduces the brand to the audience and positions it with the line, 'World ki Best Kahaniyan'. The objective of the campaign is to highlight the fatigue and boredom caused by available programmes, and to announce to the audience the coming of content that is fresh, diverse, contemporary and bold, courtesy Firangi. The media mix includes television, print, outdoor advertising, Internet, mobile and other promotion activities.

The second phase of the campaign will start just before the launch of the channel. It will highlight individual programmes using a mix of media vehicles.

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