MotoYuva: Cut out the cackle

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | February 08, 2008
The new TVC for MotoYuva is based on how youngsters today use music as means to shut themselves from the rest of the world or even parent's nagging

Parents have

always agonised over how teenage children show a cold shoulder to their suggestions and sometimes don't even listen to them. The latest TVC from MOTOROLA for its MotoYuva W230 mobile might just add on to their blues.

The TVC opens in a house and shows a young man with his mobile earphone on, looking for some food in the refrigerator. His father appears suddenly and says angrily, "Rahul, yeh kya kar rakha hain tumne ghar ka? Saari cheezein is tarike se faili padi hui hai, jaise ki yeh ghar nahi, koi akhara hai." The young man tries to say something but is stopped by the continuous badgering of his father who goes on, "Yeh joote rakhne ki jagah hai? Aur ye baal kab katwaye the tumne? Arre bees saal ki ho gaye ho, behave like an adult. Aur moje tumhare wahan pade hue hain?''

A still from the MotoYuva TVC
At this point the young man decides to cut off his father's babble and slyly switches on the music on his MotoYuva W230. He enjoys the popular number by singer Adnam Sami, 'Ishq Tera Garam Masala', on his mobile phone. There is a slight glint in the son's eyes, when he slowly realises that the beat of the song is almost in sync with his father's outburst. The voiceover says, "Naya MotoYouva W230, with MP3 player, FM with recording and 2 GB expandable memory. Ab apni suno. Hello Moto." (Submit your opinion on this ad.)

According to Lloyd Mathias, director marketing, mobile devices, MOTOROLA, the insight came from the fact that youngsters today use music as means to shut themselves from the rest of the world. "The creative leap in this TVC is that the young man is using music to cut off his father's nag," he says.

When asked why Abhishek Bachchan was not being used in most of the recent commercials of Motorola, Mathias says, "We don't want Abhishek to be Motorola and Motorola to be Abhishek. We'll use him on an off and wherever is relevant. The MotoYuva is for the young consumer. Earlier, the need for this consumer would probably be for a bicycle, and now, it is a mobile phone."

The TVC is created by Ogilvy & Mather and the film is made by Prasoon Pandey of Corcoise Films.

Pandey reveals that the entire film was shot in a set which was created after a thorough study of how a passage in a house would look like when guests are not coming and especially in the morning. The father's role in the film is done by Virendra Saxena, a popular television and film actor. Pandey chuckles when asked if Saxena was chosen because of his on-screen 'irritable father' image. "I wanted to get an actor who would be able to improvise. Because I knew that I would be changing dialogues and his anger has to be in sync with the song," he says.

The song, 'Ishq Tera Garam Masala', was chosen to create a contrast of sorts. "On one hand the song portrays about love and on the other side the father is shown berating at his son. It also had to be a song which had a perfect interlude for the emotional outburst. It could not be too long or short," says Pandey.

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