Scotch-Brite: The Mummy Rediscovered

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The objective was to communicate Scotch-Brite's product superiority and efficacy in order to convert users of conventional or unbranded cleaning tools


aims to scrub out other competitors and cleaning mediums to position itself as the most superior scrubber. A new television commercial (TVC) for the 3M brand shows a mother who seems to be cooped up in the kitchen, scouring vessels all the time.

The TVC starts with a man rolling over in bed to find his wife missing. In school, the couple's children's paintings feature their mother with vessels up to her face. The background score goes, "Kahan Hai Mummy?" In different situations, such as a family portrait shoot, a game of carrom and even while the family is watching a movie, the woman of the house is out of the picture. The female voiceover explains that the lady is in the kitchen, scrubbing vessels, which is taking up all her time because of a bad scrubber. The Scotch-Brite product is displayed and its features are discussed. The final scene shows the family in a pillow fight and the mother now joining in, with the children happily screaming "Mummy!" (Submit your opinion on this ad.)

The way the kid sees his mom

Missing a game of carrom

Missing movie night with family

Scotch-Brite works

She's back with her family
Grey Bangalore worked on this campaign, and the team included national creative director Priti Nair, Vishnu Srivatsav and Jacob Thomas from creative, and Harikrishnan, Akshay Ananth and Arindam Biswas from client servicing.

Srivatsav, creative director, Grey Bangalore, explains, "Cleaning tools are largely inconsequential in the consumer mind space with respect to the overall 'cleaning' market. This outlined the need to define a clear communication platform for Scotch-Brite."

The brief from the client was to communicate Scotch-Brite's product superiority and efficacy in order to convert users of conventional or unbranded cleaning tools. Thus, the campaign objectives were to establish a strong emotional connect with the consumer and create a change in mindset - from being comfortable with any scrubbing medium to insisting on Scotch-Brite.

"The consumer insight was that when it comes to the small things in life, most people are creatures of habit and display a high resistance to change. Our creative strategy for Scotch-Brite was to identify a platform that defines the high consequences if ignored and plant the seed of concern that it affects precious family time," says Srivatsav.

Production house Doctor Films produced the film, which was directed by Sudhir Makhija. The background score was given by Rupert Fernandes.

Scotch-Brite's target consumer audience includes housewives, ages 25-35, SEC B2, C1; the secondary TG includes SEC A1, B2 housewives in urban households. The target consumer belongs to the middle class and seeks value for money, is quality conscious and family oriented, currently uses ordinary nylon/plastic scrubbers and other traditional scouring mediums because of sheer habit and has no major complaints so far about the efficacy of these products.

The cleaning medium's earlier campaign was also created by Grey. The objective there was to announce the new 'S' shape of the product. The animated film focused on the rational benefits of the product and its new shape. The current campaign's media mix will consist of television and cinema.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM

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