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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
The channel has four one-hour programmes planned for the first month after its launch: Lalola, America, Second Chance and Dolmen

Firangi, the

world television channel from the Sahara One network, has unveiled its programming content for the coming month. The channel will have four one-hour programmes in the first month of its launch. The programmes are Lalola from Argentina, America from Brazil, Second Chance from Columbia and Dolmen from France. Firangi goes on air on February 25, and it will be a paid channel from day one.

Firangi will create two prime time bands, one from 5pm to 8pm for housewives and another from 9pm to midnight for working women and men. Lalola, America and Second Chance will be aired daily at 5pm, 6pm and 7 pm, respectively. They will then be telecast again in the prime time band at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm, respectively. Dolmen will be aired on weekends at 9.30 pm.

Rajeev Chakrabarti

Seemanto Roy
According to Rajeev Chakrabarti, business head, Firangi, the strategy for two time bands was arrived at after analysing the viewing habits of Hindi serial viewers, especially those who watch dubbed content. The study revealed the early evening time band as a potential band for building stickiness due to the lack of clutter and other programme options. The repeat during prime time, when the numbers and sampling probability are higher, is aimed at the working classes who watch TV later in the evening.

Chakrabarti says the evening band will create loyalty for the channel as time spent on the programmes is likely to be more. While the prime time band will generate higher sampling of audience, the time spent may be less.

Lalola is the story of a man who finds he has become a woman one morning when he wakes up. America portrays the story of illegal immigrants risking their lives to enter the US to find jobs and romance. Second Chance is about a rich old man who gets married, dies and comes back to life in a young man's body to find that the life he fought to get back was a lie. Dolmen revolves around mysterious deaths and the revival of a sinister legend on the beautiful craggy island of Ty Kern, off the Brittany coast.

Firangi claims it conceptualised its content after an extensive in-depth study across age and socioeconomic groups. The study revealed that Indian audiences are seeking fresh entertainment options and that they are looking forward to watching and learning from other cultures. Firangi aims to be the solution for fatigued viewers. All programmes on the channel will be kept to a maximum duration of six-eight months.

Apart from serials, the channel also plans to show world movies during weekends.

Seemanto Roy, head, Sahara One Media and Entertainment and Aamby Valley City, says, "Firangi will aim to provide Indian audiences the opportunity to watch the world's best programming in Hindi. This is in tune with our plans to strengthen the Sahara One Network by presenting fresh entertainment options to television viewers in the country."

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM

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