Reliance Life Insurance: The quest for real wealth

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | February 26, 2008
A new TVC for the brand is based on the key consumer insight that in the race to acquire wealth, we often lose our health

There are

times when late working hours take precedence over health checks and times when a visit to the doctor seems less important than dividends on shares. In the rat race to make money, we often forget to take care of ourselves. That's the main idea behind Reliance Life Insurance's new campaign, 'Wealth Bhi, Health Bhi', for its new Reliance Wealth + Health plan.

The plan is designed to work in conjunction with contributions towards savings. It is unique because it provides benefits for covered injuries and other injuries by cashing in on the unit fund. It offers hospitalisation and surgical benefits and also covers critical illnesses.

The campaign for the plan includes strategic media like a mix of TV, radio, online, viral, outdoor and mobile marketing.

A shot from the TVC
The television commercial is based on the key consumer insight that "in the race to acquire wealth, we often lose our health". The film revolves around a young man whose obsession is to acquire a Porsche. The TVC traces his life in the form of collage shots. While at college, he is seen putting up a picture of a black Porsche in his room. Then he moves into the corporate world. However, his lifestyle is most unhealthy. He is shown eating burgers and drinking sodas. We also see shots of money, indicating that he has earned a good amount of it. Some years later, when he is finally able to attain the object of his desire, the Porsche, he finds he cannot fit into the car because he is too fat. That's when the realisation strikes that no matter what, one's health must not be neglected. The film ends on a positive note with the young man on a treadmill, working his way back to fitness. (Submit your opinion on this ad.)

Leo Burnett's executive creative director, Sukumar Menon, worked on the campaign for Orchard Advertising (Leo Burnett's second agency), which handles the Reliance Life Insurance account.

Menon says, "The idea came from a very simple insight that once we start working, we ignore our health completely. We all have certain set goals and dreams. In this case, it was a car. For others, it may be a penthouse. Different things for different people. So, we're obsessed with our dream and also obsessed with creating wealth. With the booming economy, everyone is in the race to create wealth, while our health takes a backseat. That's why we see so many gyms sprouting up everywhere. On one hand, we're creating wealth, but then spending it on gyms. But here's an insurance plan that offers health benefits and wealth creation opportunities."

P Nandagopal, chief executive officer, Reliance Life Insurance, says, "The communication aims to highlight the universal truth that people tend to ignore health in the race to acquire wealth and thus position the relevance of a solution like the Reliance Wealth + Health plan, which offers customers a comprehensive wealth creation solution along with health insurance benefits."

The film has been produced by Pria Shamin (PS) Films and directed by Shamin Desai. To create the right "fat look", including the model's paunch and double chin, PS Films hired a specialist in body suits. Just getting the model ready in the fat suit took three-four hours, says Menon.

Nandagopal shares that recent consumer research findings have reflected that consumers are increasingly considering insurance a "safe investment" option. "This is clearly visible in the fact that 80-90 per cent of the insurance products bought by customers today in the country belong to the ULIP (unit linked plans) category. This indicates that insurance solutions are making the perception crossover from mere 'protection' to a 'viable investment' which yields the customer good returns along with the benefits of life cover. In this context, the Reliance Wealth + Health campaign has been designed to address this growing segment," he says.

Explaining why the campaign was launched at this point in time, Nandagopal says that in an ever growing, competitive market, visibility for one's product is critical, especially in the critical months of January, February and March. "The campaign outbreak is to leverage these months which contribute a majority share of business for any insurance player, given that the market is more skewed to make investments at this time."

Nandagopal chose not to reveal the ad spend on the campaign, but he says that their product specific advertising budgets usually range from 5-7 per cent of the projected sales of the product for a specific period.

The TVC will run with two edits, 50 seconds and 30 seconds, on a mix of news channels and general entertainment channels. It went on air on February 20 and will be aired for four weeks. A 45 second radio jingle on Radio Mirchi and Big FM is planned, which will run for three weeks and cover all the cities in which Big FM and Radio Mirchi are present. An outdoor campaign has already been launched using images of gold coins and apples to denote the proposition of 'Wealth + Health'. The outdoor campaign has been launched in 154 cities across the country.

The online campaign strategy is to tap popular news related websites and general portals, keeping the target segment in mind. Sites like that of The Economic Times, The Times of India,,, IBN Live and have been tapped. The creative treatment here, too, uses the 'Wealth Bhi Health Bhi' proposition. The campaign will be aired at all Adlabs cinemas and some select multiplex chains, with film and on-ground visibility.

Other marketing plans by Reliance Life Insurance for 2008 include a business focus on continuous product innovations, speedy distribution expansion and offering value to customers. Going forward, its focus will be to engage the brand with the target group through local connect initiatives and to create positive rub-off at multiple touch points.

"With the prevailing insurance penetration in India pegged at around 10 per cent, there is a lot of potential for the market to grow. At Reliance Life, we are fully geared to ride on the growth wave in store for the industry and garner the larger share of it," says Nandagopal.

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