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By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News | February 28, 2008
Arc Worldwide conducted an outdoor activity for Tata Salt Lite in which the importance of releasing stress was conveyed effectively

Mumbai is

synonymous with deadlines and stress. Tata Salt wants to ease the stress for Mumbaikars with its new low sodium offering, Tata Salt Lite. But how do you make Mumbai actually reduce stress? Perhaps the best idea that comes to mind is to SCREAM! Recently, Arc Worldwide conducted an OOH activity for Tata Salt Lite that was rather 'loud' in its approach.

Karl Gomes, executive creative director, Arc Worldwide, says, "While a long, loud, uninhibited scream is an effective way to reduce stress, there are very few opportunities for letting out a full-throated scream. So, we created the StressBUSter, an avenue for people to scream their stress away. Morning walkers, office goers, housewives and kids had one YELL of a time."

An eye-catching stress buster van was taken around on the streets of Mumbai. People took the stress test and then recorded their screams to relieve their stress. A blood pressure test followed and participants with the highest stress score were given surprise gifts. Every participant also received a handy solution in the form of a sachet of low sodium Tata Salt Lite.

The activity was carried out by Arc Worldwide. Tata Salt Lite has 15 per cent lower sodium than ordinary salt. Sodium in salt is believed to increase blood pressure, as is stress. The activity witnessed tremendous participation from people across Mumbai. Most of them were surprised to learn how stressed out they were.

CVS Sharma, senior vice-president, Arc Worldwide, says, "The whole effort was to generate a consumer pull towards the proposition of gaining health with a low sodium salt, without being preachy."

The activity is expected to be carried out in other cities, too.

Parag Gadre, national head, sales and marketing, Tata Salt Lite, says, "The objective of the activity was to engage stressed out Mumbaikars and help them along on the way to live a cheerful and light life, despite facing stressful situations in everyday life."

More details on the entire activity can be viewed on http://www.youtube.com/v/xBjjirGHPPw&rel=1.

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