Google eyes smaller advertisers for its AdWords program

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Last updated : March 07, 2008
Advertisers can pay via cheque, demand draft or even net banking for Google's advertising programme


is looking to boost the number of advertisers in India on its search advertising program, called AdWords, and it is introducing easy payment options to fulfil this objective.

The AdWords program allows advertisers to create and submit their own ads to Google, which will be displayed on Google search results pages as a sponsored link, depending on the keywords searched by the user. The text ads will also appear on various websites which subscribe to the Google AdSense program, depending on the context of the site or the particular site opted for by the advertiser.

Now, Google India has announced that advertisers can create an AdWords account with Google by sending a cheque or demand draft to Citibank in Mumbai. Alternatively, they can pay through net banking, which allows electronic transfer of funds from an advertiser's bank account to Google. Advertisers who used to pay by credit card can continue to do so. Earlier, Google accepted only credit card transactions. Its move to allow other payment options will benefit small advertisers and enterprises that don't have credit cards.

"We hope that more Indian advertisers will be able to grow their business through AdWords by recognising that Indian businesses prefer to conduct transactions by cheque and electronic transfer. With this fuller set of options in place, more Indian businesses will be able to use AdWords to expand their reach, profitability and exposure online," Shailesh Rao, managing director, Google India, said in a statement.

Advertisers who subscribe to AdWords have to make payments to Google for creating an account, and for the campaign costs based on either the cost-per-click (CPC) or cost- per-impression option, whichever they choose, and for buying keywords through bids.

In major countries such as the US and the UK, Google allows its AdWords subscribers only credit card transactions.

First Published : March 07, 2008

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