Can solar energy really power outdoor hoardings?

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Last updated : March 14, 2008
360 Degree Automation, manufacturers of solar powered LED lighting systems for outdoor hoardings, have unveiled a hoarding in Mumbai that uses solar energy, thereby saving on electricity and avoiding load shedding problems

Wastage of

precious power on outdoor hoardings has been a hotly debated issue for a long time, both inside and outside the industry. Large advertising hoardings are a common sight in many cities, and these are illuminated throughout the night by high intensity lamps. Most hoardings employ four-12 lamps and consume a vast amount of power.

360 Degree Automation, manufacturers of solar powered LED lighting systems for outdoor hoardings, has come up with a solution - solar powered hoardings, which don't use electricity at all!

The solar powered outdoor
hoarding at Khar, Mumbai
According to 360 Degree Automation, the concept of solar powered hoardings is relatively underused in India, despite its cost-effectiveness. Solar powered outdoor lighting can be maintained freely unlike its traditional electrical counterparts, while eliminating the need for conventional halogen lamps, which tend to generate heat. It also has a battery back-up of four days in case of low sunlight or cloudy conditions, for four-five hours each day.

In essence, this technology, pioneered by Bodhgaya, uses solar photovoltaic panels, making this a 100 per cent energy saving, electricity free concept. The solar panel converts sunlight into the electrical energy required to illuminate the hoarding with an automatic timer that switches the illumination on and off. Also, unlike halogen lamps, the light produces cool light, and the zero carbon emission contributes to a cleaner environment. "Banning of outdoor hoardings at night isn't a solution," says a source at 360.

As its first initiative, 360 Degree Automation has put up a hoarding which uses solar energy in Khar, Mumbai, for the Big Bazaar Exchange Offer; this is a first of its kind hoarding in Mumbai, says the company's spokesperson, Sidhraj Shah.

First Published : March 14, 2008
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