Screen Media India 2008: The fifth screen of OOH

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News | March 25, 2008
Chetan Madaya, CEO, Laqshya Digital, and group chief strategy officer, Laqshya, spoke about the new and more lucrative Out of Home Vision

At the

Screen Media India 2008 event in Mumbai, Chetan Madaya, chief executive officer, Laqshya Digital, and group chief strategy officer, Laqshya, spoke of a world where digital service providers, media owners, brand managers, brands and networks would converge to be able to provide a better experience for consumers.

In times to come, communication to the concerned consumer will be conglomerated. "All modes of media will collectively provide an experience that is completely personalised, digitised and unique for every single consumer," said Madaya. He named convergence, connectivity and collaboration as the three precious Cs that would dominate the rings of effective communication.

Chetan Madaya
Research has proven that consumers are spending less time in the confines of their home and, instead, are on the go for increasing amounts of time. Office, movies, malls, coffee shops, travel time - on the move constitutes more than inside the home. Also, media that earlier offered the option of either seeing television or print is now totally in your face, thus offering no option but to see. With the consumer on the move, the space is now divided as personal space, in home space and out of home space. And communication too needs to be divided in the same manner.

"Thus, we know that the crux lies not in the medium, but in the location of the consumer," said Madaya.

As opposed to television and print, OOH is found to support the short attention span of the consumer. The first screen was that of cinema, the next was that of television, the third was that of the personal computer, and the fourth was that of the mobile. The fifth and most powerful screen is the OOHV (out of home vision). TVs have been put up in offices, elevators, lobbies and malls - these are called retail TV, office TV and so on. But the fact is that digital is the medium of transmission, and the screens are merely devices. Madaya called this TV OOHV, or out of home vision. OOHV is the next step in consumer interaction. It is a medium that has the potential to reach the target audience in a non-intrusive, yet engaging manner.

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