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Last updated : March 31, 2008
In conjunction with Mass Media Makers, Pixman Nomadic Media brings to India a new breed of advertising in which the screen is carried by a local ambassador to where the target audience is most likely to be


based Pixman Nomadic Media has signed an exclusive agreement with Mass Media Makers to bring nomadic advertising in the out of home section to India. The ads will be displayed on a screen which is part of a backpack. The backpack includes a computer, DVD player and accessories. The screen will be carried by individuals (ambassadors) to locations where the brand is most likely to find its target audience.

Mass Media Makers has been in talks with Pixman Nomadic Media for four years, but the legalities that needed to be completed in order to receive a pan India licence took time. Currently, there are 16 nomadic advertising units in Mumbai. These units are the Pixman monitors which will carry the ads. The product can be modified with a projector and fitted upon any substrate.

Cristina Romero, vice-president, sales and marketing, says, "Major brands in the industry are looking for new ideas to create relationships with consumers. They are investing significantly in out of home media due to the lower penetration and effectiveness of traditional mass media."

Romero continues, "Because Pixman systems are worn by local brand ambassadors, they will offer advertisers the ability to specifically target consumers and overcome the challenge of India's large diversity of languages, religions and income levels."

The president and founder of Mass Media Makers, Pravin Chudasama, is confident that the alliance will benefit both in setting new benchmarks in outdoor advertising. Chudasama says, "Many brands that we have been talking with are very interested in this method of below the line advertising." By next month, Mass Media Makers will be on ground with the nomadic media. "We've been employed by an agency to carry out the activity, but don't know about the brand yet. But it is an FMCG brand," reveals Chudasama.

Pixman has offices in 30 countries around the world, including France, Spain, Britain, Tunisia and now India. The nomadic media company has Vodafone, Chanel, Coca-Cola, MTV, Adidas and some other brands as its clients. As and when the company they work with comes to India or the next contract is issued, Pixman's existing clients will carry out its outdoor activities through Pixman and Mass Media Makers. It will also set up office in India soon and conduct research and development here.

First Published : March 31, 2008
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