BAG Films launches Bollywood oriented entertainment site

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | March 31, 2008 has endorsed a user generated content model and it will allow users to auction entertainment related merchandise through the site


Films & Media Ltd has launched a Bollywood focused entertainment portal called The site release was followed by the launch of its entertainment news channel, E24.

The site has been conceptualised and developed by BAG Convergence, a separate company created by BAG Films & Media to develop its Internet and mobile properties.

Hemant Kumar, head, BAG Convergence, says, "Although the site will have a similar focus as E24, to offer entertainment news features, it is not going to be a reflection of the channel and will carve out its own identity."
Interestingly, the site is following a user generated content model apart from offering regular Bollywood news, film reviews and picture downloads of actors.

There is a section called Showcase Yourself, a platform for users to showcase their talent as writer, director, actor, singer or model. Registered members will be allowed to upload their photos, videos and music files on the site. Currently, the site does not have any tie-up with any agency which sources talent for Bollywood films.

The site also has a Blogs section, which is currently written by in-house team members of, an English news website owned by BAG Convergence. In future, Blogs will be opened to registered members; video blogging will also be allowed. Citizen journalism will be introduced on the site, which will let users submit entertainment related pictures and stories.

There are plans to use the site as a platform for auctioning entertainment related merchandise. Kumar says, "Registered members will be allowed to buy or sell entertainment related stuff to each other through the site."

BAG Films will use its own 10 radio stations and the News24 channel to create awareness about the site. Search marketing will be applied and keywords like Bollywood, actor, download, posters and films will be used. The site will be monetised mainly through advertising and sponsorships.

BAG Convergence will be releasing mobile sites for E24 and News24. The mobile site for E24 will be launched first and it will let users download entertainment related stuff.

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