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Last updated : March 19, 2001
Last week the consumer was the king. The market was teeming with offers from the food and beverages marketers to consumer durables and even office stationary makers

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Last week consumers were bombarded with offers from all over. Nestle had a saucy offer for mothers and kids. Maggi Tomato Ketchup was available at a fresh price. The 500-gm bottle was re-priced at Rs 55 and the 1-kg bottle at Rs 75. This limited stock offer is valid in select cities only. Kissan caught up too! On buying a 1-kg Kissan Tom Tom, the consumer got a 200-gm Kissan Tom Pataka, worth Rs 25 free. Kissan Annapurna was giving a 200-gm Vim bar free with two 1-kg packs of Kissan Annapurna iodised salt. Both the above limited-stock offers were valid in Delhi only.

On the purchase of every Perfect Premium bread worth Rs 16, the buyer got one packet of Fruity bread worth Rs 7 free. This promo is valid in Delhi only, till March 16, 2001. Britannia was scrambling for the attention of cricket enthusiasts in Delhi through its 'Britannia khao Sharjah chale aao' offer. All the consumer had to do was collect Britannia wrappers worth Rs 20 and complete the slogan. Up for grabs was 50 tickets for the India-Pakistan match. This promotion is valid till March 26, 2001. In Delhi, Pizza Hut was inviting a hungry crowd with a free pizza. All the customers had to do was buy any pizza and exchange a Pepsi 500-ml label to get their free pizza. This promotion is till April 30, 2001.

The consumer durables market had plenty of interesting offers. Ortem had a cool offer for Delhi-ites. Through the Ortem Timex offer, the company was giving a Timex wrist-watch free with the purchase any one Ortem fan. In a similar promo, Ortem was giving both ladies and gents Timex wristwatches free with the purchase of any two Ortem fans. This is a limited stock offer. On exchanging an old mixie or food processor for a new Braun, the buyer got a Rs 1,000 waiver on the Combimax Braun Combimax. This offer is valid in Delhi and NCR only.

National was giving away 100 ACs absolutely free. To claim the AC, the consumer had to fill up the contest form available with the purchase of a National AC. This offer is valid in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Meerut, Agra, Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore till March 31, 2001. In the Futura exchange offer, the buyer was getting a waiver of up to Rs 500 on the exchange of an old gas stove for a new Futura gas stove. This promotion is valid only in Bangalore.

The office stationary marketers were trying to out do it each other with very lucrative offers. Compaq was wooing customers with lots of goodies. To claim their share of freebies, the buyers had to buy select models of Compaq PCs. The gifts included a Compaq IJ600 colour inkjet printer, a web camera, one MyStle Accent colour kit and Encyclopedia Britannica 2001 CDs. In a similar offer, on buying select models of Compaq PCs, the buyers got Compaq S4 100 scanner and the ACCPAC accounting software fee. This offer is valid in northern states till March 18, 2001. In the other offer, Compaq was offering a free network interface card with a Compaq Armada 1005. This limited stock offer is valid in Delhi till March 31, 2001.

Last week too HP was high on its promo binge. Through the 'Dream Double' offer HP was offering the 630c deskjet and 3300c scanjet for Rs 7,999. This limited stock promo is valid in the entire north India. In the other offer, HP was giving a two-year warranty on the 1100 laserjet or on the 2100 series. This offer is valid in Delhi and NCR and only on the March 2001 purchases. HCL was not far behind. The company was giving the HCL Accountant accounting software basic version worth Rs 3,390 free. To avail of this offer the consumers in Mumbai had to buy an Intel Pentium III processor 1GHz available at Rs 43,490. APC had a number of free gifts for Delhi-ites interested in buying the APC UPS. These gifts included two music CDs worth Rs 700, Satyam Internet CD worth Rs 300 and APC Golf T-shirt worth Rs 300.

The service industry marketers were doing their bit to magnetise customers. Magic was mesmerising surfers with its offer of 45 minutes of free net surfing time. To claim the offer the buyer had to exchange a Magic recharge card for a free Internet surfing card. This promo is valid in Delhi and NCR till April 1, 2001. NOW ISP, last week was giving 15 days of free Internet trial along with two audio music cassettes with the purchase of a Rapid Pack. Moreover on scratching the card, the surfers had the chance to win an Alto LX car, a Nokia cell phone, a Sansui Personal Stereo and lots more. This offer is in Delhi only. Mantra Online through the 'Twice the surfing, Price the same!' offer was giving net-users double surfing hours. This offer was valid on registering with any Mantra Lifetime Internet connection. This offer is in Delhi and NCR only, till March 20, 2001.

In Bangalore, Air Tel, cell phone service providers were hooking customers with their new scheme. By paying for the new Air Tel connection through a credit card, the customer got a Rs 2,000 discount. This offer can be availed of before March 31, 2001. Club Mahindra Holidays was giving a free return airfare and a three night / four day vacation for two at a Club Mahindra Resort. To avail of the offer the customers had to take a membership with Club Mahindra Holidays. This offer is valid till March 31, 2001. Citibank was giving a 12.5 per cent discount on all items purchased at leading retail outlets. To avail of the offer, Citibank cardholders had to shop with the Citibank Debit Card or Credit Card. This promo is valid in Mumbai, till March 20, 2001.

The garment industry was struggling with its share of offerings. BSL Suitings in the 'Swiss Honeymoon Bonanza' was giving 15 lucky couples the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Switzerland. Moreover, customers had the chance to win thousands of exciting prizes on scratching the card available with every purchase. To be eligible for the lucky draw, the customers had to buy Rs 3,000 worth of fabric from BSL Suitings, Ivy League suit lengths, High Street premium fashion fabrics or La Italia Trousers. This offer is valid in Bangalore only till June 30, 2001. On buying any two of Newport jeans or wrinkle free pants or cotton shirt, the buyer got a pair of jeans worth Rs 599 free. This limited stock offer is valid in select cities only. Bombay Dyeing was trying its bit to woo men. With the purchase of a Vivaldi shirt or trouser the buyer got a Corporate Classic shirt for Rs 99. This limited stock offer is open in Delhi and the suburbs.

There were a couple of offers only from automotive marketers. Inhabitants of Karnataka had the chance to win a free trip to Singapore. The offer was valid on the purchase of an Eicher vehicle. This scheme is available only with select dealers till March 31, 2001. TVS Suzuki was giving a hefty discount of over Rs 5,000 on the purchase of the Suzuki Samurai bike, which is otherwise priced at Rs 37,184. This limited stock offer is in Bangalore only.

Unlike last time, publication marketers had just one offer. With a three-years' subscription of Times Shipping Journal, the publication was giving a free copy ET Shipping Directory 2000.

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First Published : March 19, 2001

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