Amrutanjan to look at pain creatively

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Last updated : April 24, 2008
The South India based brand wants to revitalise the pain reliever with a new creative agency. The size of the business is close to Rs 5 crore

Amrutanjan, the

well known pain balm brand, is reviewing its creative duties. The pitch is on for only its mother brand, Amrutanjan pain balm. The size of the business is estimated to be Rs 5 crore.

Amrutanjan is looking to revitalise its image. Mudra and O&M have been approached to make presentations. The brand is yet to decide on an agency.

Blueprint handles Amrutanjan as of now. It will continue to handle the other products of Amrutanjan, including mouth fresheners, confectionery, hard boiled mentholated candy, olive oil and organic home insecticides, confirm industry sources.

Though Amrutanjan is still to concretise its plans on revitalising the brand, packaging and communication will be key areas. The new agency and the route that it suggests will be important. Sources say that in looking for a new look and image, Amrutanjan will not compromise on the values on which it grew originally.

A media pitch, too, is rumoured to be taking place for the brand. Mudra MAX handles the media duties for Amrutanjan at present.

Amrutanjan, which is more than 100 years old, is known essentially for its pain management products - the standard yellow balm and Amrutanjan strong balm. In recent years, the brand has diversified its portfolio to include a mouth freshener (Affair); confectionery (Goody Lactos); hard boiled mentholated candy (Swas, Tingle); organic domestic insecticides (Orange Guard; imported from the company with the same name); and olive oil (Cutis; imported from Greece). Also part of the company are the Amrutanjan Wellness Centres, which deal with relieving pain with products such as back ache gel, energy capsules, hand sanitisers, hot and cold multipurpose gels for arthritis and muscular pains, and anti-stress formulations.

First Published : April 24, 2008

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