IRS 2008 Round 1: Top 10 English publications register decline, except Hindu

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | April 28, 2008
Except for The Hindu, which has added 6,000 readers, all the other top nine English publications have registered a decline in readership, according to the latest IRS report

The Times

of India tops the list of English publications in the first IRS round of the year, although it has seen a 0.6 per cent decline in readership, losing about 39,000 readers. Its readership, according to the IRS 2008 Round 1 (R1) report, is 67.89 lakh. TOI is followed by Hindustan Times, with a readership of 32.77 lakh, a decline of 1.3 per cent from the last round.

At No. 3 is weekly magazine India Today with a readership of 24.02 lakh, dropping 8.9 per cent from the last round's 26.36 lakh. At No. 4 is The Hindu with a readership of 22.43 lakh, increasing 0.3 per cent from the last round. Although a small rise, it is the only English publication on the Top 10 list to have recorded an increase.

Declining by 8.9 per cent is the monthly Readers' Digest, with a readership of 15.94 lakh. It has lost 1,55,000 readers and holds the No. 5 rank. Registering the maximum decline, 16.1 per cent, is General Knowledge Today, losing 2,60,000 readers. Its current readership stands at 13.50 lakh.

Deccan Chronicle comes seventh and commands a readership of 12.25 lakh, declining by 2.8 per cent. The Telegraph has garnered a 10.08 lakh readership, dropping from the last round's 10.15 lakh. Competition Success Review stands at No. 9 with a readership of 8.99 lakh, 14.6 per cent down from the last round.

Filmfare, which stands at No. 10, has lost more than a lakh readers and its current readership stands at 8.58 lakh, declining 13.4 per cent as compared to the last round. TOI's tabloid, Mumbai Mirror, came in 11th with 7.75 lakh readers, adding readers from its last round's status of 7.52 lakh.

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