Ogilvy moves house with Fevicol-like fanfare

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | May 05, 2008
The agency is moving its Mumbai office from Lower Parel to Goregaon, and it is announcing its move with a TVC inspired by the famous Fevicol ad, an outdoor and a cool invite to a sob party


truly is an advertising agency. Its recent campaign proves that. It created a TV commercial and outdoor for the occasion of the Ogilvy office shifting from Lower Parel to Goregaon!

Ogilvy has been in the Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, office for nine years now. The shift will bring all the Ogilvy offices under one roof. Earlier, the Ogilvy One, Ogilvy Activation and Ogilvy & Mather offices were in the same premises, but in different buildings. At the new office, all these segments of Ogilvy will be in the same building. "Everyone is happy with the change because we're happy with the new office," says Anup Chitnis, executive creative director, O&M.

Chitnis, Abhijit Avasthi and their respective teams worked on the campaign, which tries to capture the feelings of the agency on moving to Goregaon. The TVC is reminiscent of the Fevicol truck ad, which made waves when it was aired. For those who don't remember the ad, it shows a truck with men, women, children and loads of luggage travelling from place A to place B. People can be seen crammed into every nook and cranny of the truck, but no one falls off. The original ad ends with a board on the back of the truck, which says 'Fevicol - The Ultimate Adhesive'. In the Ogilvy remake, the ad ends with a similar board on the back of the bus, which says 'Ogilvy'.

Chitnis says, "It was an idea that had all the ingredients of what we wanted to put into the ad. The fact that the original ad is an Ogilvy ad made it possible." The TVC was passed around internally and shown to all of Ogilvy's clients. It was then passed on to friends as virals. Now, the viral should be available on YouTube as well. Chitnis says the TVC might be aired on specific channels such as CNBC-TV18, too, on the programme, Storyboard.

Print creatives were created for the office and a specific outdoor has been created leading up to the new office address in Goregaon. A creative and demonstrative map from the old office location to the new one has been drawn up by Avasthi, executive creative director, and his team. A 'sob party' was held, the invite for which was made by Avasthi's team. The copy of the invite sobs for all that the O&M team will miss when they move from Lower Parel.

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