Eros promotes its new releases on social media

By , agencyfaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | May 08, 2008
Eros Entertainment has launched official communities for its films on social networking sites and is using the power of the blog to create a buzz


International, the film production company, is using the power of social networking sites to engage users with its movies. Recently, it has launched a community for its upcoming release, Bhoothnath, on Orkut and Facebook.

In an official communiqué, Kumar Ahuja, vice-president, international sales and new media, Eros International, says, "Bhoothnath is the perfect film for us to expand our social marketing reach and support as it has such great appeal across all segments of the market with the presence of a leading icon like Amitabh Bachchan as well as being a children's film."

Eros has created a profile or member page on and a branded page on The profile and branded page are acting as an aggregator and gateway for the film-specific communities Eros has launched or which have been created by the users of these networking sites. Apart from Bhoothnath, other movie related communities created by Eros are U Me Aur Hum, Krazzy 4 and Dhoom Dadakka. These communities are linked to the Orkut and Facebook pages. Eros Entertainment is planning to launch communities for all its upcoming movies.

Apart from acting as a platform for discussion, the movie communities launched by Eros carry videos, photos, events and news related to movies.

Although Eros has created official communities for its various movies, members who have joined these official communities are fewer in number than members on the communities created by Orkut members. For instance, the official Bhoothnath community has 14 members, while the Orkut community called Bhoothnath/Bhoothnath has 697 members. The official Bhoothnath community on Facebook has only nine members.

Eros Entertainment has also created a blog for its upcoming movie, Dhoom Dadakka, which is available at

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