Amul creates a presence in Second Life

By Kapil Ohri , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | June 05, 2008
After setting up a virtual parlour in Second Life, Amul is all set to purchase virtual land to create a virtual plant

Amul, which

established its presence in Second Life in March by setting up its virtual parlour, is now working to expand its presence in the virtual world.

Trimensions, a Gurgaon based company, is helping Amul to develop its existence on Second Life. Rahul Dutta, chairman and managing director, Trimensions, says, "Amul is planning to buy eight-10 islands, equal to 160 acres of virtual land, in Second Life to set up a simulation of its production and distribution facility. The objective behind launching a virtual setup is to demonstrate its functioning to the consumers, and experiment with any change in the production or distribution system virtually before executing it in the real world."

Screenshot of Amul Ice-cream parlour
Dutta adds, "Setting up ice cream parlours on Second Life was actually a pilot project. It will take around six months to launch the virtual Amul setup on Second Life." The Amul ice cream parlours showcase topical ads of Amul starting from the late 1990s, Amul TV commercials and product displays.

Before Second Life, Amul's presence in the online world was restricted to (a corporate website), (showcasing short films and TVCs related to Amul) and (to sell ice cream).

Second Life is an Internet enabled virtual world in which users can create their virtual identities. These identities can move around, interact and socialise with other users. Members of Second Life can participate in individual or group activities and create and trade items like virtual property and services with each other. A member has to pay for the space he purchases on Second Life. Second Life is developed by Linden Lab, a company based in the US.

Around 13 million users worldwide, including 50,000 Indians, are registered with Second Life.

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