UTV creates a common identity for its digital properties

By Kapil Ohri , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital
Last updated : June 19, 2008
UTV New Media Ventures has designed a common identity for all its digital properties and will soon launch a new portal called UTVatPLay.com


Media Ventures, which has plans to complete its portfolio of 20 portals by September, is all set to provide a common identity to all its digital properties through a logo which will be placed across all the digital properties UTV owns completely or partially.

The logo has been designed in-house and it is represented by a black circular background surrounded by three coloured rings, in red, green and blue, which are typical to UTV. A play button is embedded inside the black circle.

TN Prabhu, chief operating officer, United New Media Ventures, says, "The idea behind the introduction of a common logo is to provide a synergy or common identity to our digital properties, especially when we are dong varied and multiple things."

UTV at Play Logo
Prabhu adds, "The new logo is based on the 'UTV at Play' philosophy and it signifies that UTV New Media has moved beyond entertainment and ventured across new domains like business or finance, gadgets, music, videos and games. The word play is common across all these domains as a consumer plays music, games, gadgets and also plays with the markets. UTV at Play has the connotation of what we are doing and it will be used in our expansion plans as we will refer to it and see if the new property fits in with our philosophy of play. Only then will we invest in it."

Apart from the new logo, UTV New Media Ventures is also ready with a new portal called UTVatPlay.com, which will be launched in the next 10-12 days. To begin with, the site will be a predominantly online music and videos website, which will allow users to stream music and videos online. However, the site will not offer the facility to download.

The site will stream Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi and devotional music. United New Media Ventures has acquired 20,000 songs from various music labels such as Venus, Times Music and Lahari Music. The site will earn its revenue through advertising.

UTV's existing web portfolio includes portals for its TV channels such as UTV Motion Pictures, Bindass, Bindass Movies, World Movies, UTVi and UTV Movies. It also owns a stake in the online gaming portal, IndiaGames.com. Recently, it acquired 76 per cent stake in IT Nation, which owns portals such as TechTree.com, CXOToday.com and Enterpriser.in.

First Published : June 19, 2008

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