AccuRide AdBikes ride into cities

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News
Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
A new, eye-catching, mobile 'on-ground' form of advertising is now available for advertisers

If you

thought cities have no place left for paddle bikes, think again. The out of home advertising company, Accurate Network, has introduced a new innovative OOH medium, AccuRide AdBikes. These are innovative paddle bikes, mounted with light boxes at the back, which can be ridden all over city/ town streets, pedestrian paths, service roads, parks and amusement sites, malls, multiplexes and airports.

The AccuRide AdBikes are fitted with 4ft x 6ft double sided light boxes that can carry advertising messages. Besides the box, the shade of the advertising bike as well as front and rear of the light box can be covered with advertising stickers. Riders, who are recruited for their enthusiasm and ability to interact with the targeted audience, can also be dressed in corporate outfits to strengthen the brand visibility.

An AccuRide AdBike
outside a Mumbai Airport
Mukesh M Jani, proprietor, Accurate Network, says, "This innovative eye catching 'street' advertising medium attracts attention wherever it goes. The advantages are that they can be run on clients' desirable routes, the bikes are equipped with sound systems so corporate messages, sound tracks or radio commercials can be played in public, a lighting system aids advertising campaigns to be run at night even, it is closer to the point of sale and thus generates maximum impact and extensive brand exposure and is low cost per thousand impressions. It's also great for the distribution of product samples and promotional leaflets." AccuRide Bikes are also an ecofriendly mobile medium.

Currently, AccuRide AdBikes are in action in Mumbai's business and IT parks, malls and the airport, in Pune's malls, IT parks and city roads, and in Ahmedabad's malls and city roads. From the first week of July, they will also be launched in Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. Advertisers using AccuRide AdBikes include Vodafone, The Economist, Inorbit Mall, Taxsmile and Goyel Ganga Developments. The company works with ad agencies providing these bikes to their clients, but going forward, will engage directly with advertisers also.

The advertising cost on these bikes depends on the location and range between Rs 25,000 per week per bike on locations like roads and parks to Rs 6,50,000 per month per bike for Mumbai Airport, which is much more due to the airport advertising rights involved.

The bikes are imported from Europe by Accurate Network, which is the exclusive distributor for AdBikes in India. Jani says 25 bikes were launched in March and more will be added soon. This concept is booming in Europe and has seen good success at important cities across the world such as London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Dublin and Budapest.

Jani says that the initial response has been great and inquiries are pouring in from all quarters. AccuRide has in fact suspended marketing of the AdBikes recently as all its bikes are booked for long periods by clients and it is facing a supply shortage. But more bikes will be added by the first week of July and Jani is readying to take on more clients who want to see their brands 'ride' to the top.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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